shifting affirmations

Emotionally Charged Easy 45 Shifting Affirmations List (DR 2022)

Are you really ready for shifting because these emotionally charged shifting affirmations list is going to make it happen, even if you haven’t done it before.

What Shifting means and how these affirmations are going to work

shifting affirmations

Before we continue to read affirmations, let me explain what is going on with all these affirmations and what shifting to a Desire reality means! Shifting into the desired reality means shifting to a reality where you already have manifested everything you desire and it’s a world where you feel the happiest and the best.

But ultimately these affirmations I am going to share are going to help you shift into what you feel the Desire reality is. And the shifting will also depend on what you believe shifting is for you and your mind.

5 Sections Of 45 Shifting Affirmations List

Shifting affirmations are divided into four different sections and you can pick as many affirmations as you want. But make sure to only use affirmations you can feel and relate to the most but picking at least one affirmation from each section is necessary.

Shifting Belief Affirmations

  1. I believe in the power of my consciousness and in myself 
  2. I have the power and ability to shift reality 
  3. I am ready for shifting reality 
  4. I am an individual consciousness who can shift reality 
  5. My consciousness is incredibly powerful for shifting 
  6. I am allowing my conscious and subconscious minds to believe in shifting reality 
  7. Reality shifting is very easy for my consciousness 
  8. Shifting is a powerful change that I am capable of
  9. I am aware of the power and magic of beliefs 
  10. I deserve to experience reality shifting 
  11. I am ready to experience the magic of reality shifting 
  12. The more I think about shifting Reality the easier reality shifting becomes

Letting Go Of Attachment

  1. I’m letting go of the attachments to my current reality 
  2. I am ready to let go of the current reality 
  3. I am a free soul and consciousness 
  4. I am free of any attachments to any reality 

Affirmations To Get Ready To Accept The Shift

  1. There are multiple realities existing at the this very moment
  2. A part of my consciousness is there in every reality that exists 
  3. I am allowing myself to be able to see feel and be in my consciousness I feel like connecting to the most 
  4. All reality experiences are equally beautiful and amazing for me 
  5. I am awareness and I can experience the connection to all parts of my consciousness which are existing in different realities 
  6. The power of the universe is incredible and my awareness is connected to That Power 
  7. I am completely ready to accept shifting to a new reality, leaving the current reality behind

Affirmations For Reality Shifting In The Present To Ideal DR

  1. I am shifting to reality where I have everything I Desire 
  2. I am shifting to my desired reality where everything is picture-perfect for me 
  3. I am ready to shift to my ideal reality 
  4. I am shifting to my ideal reality 
  5. I am shifting to Reality where I am my happiest self 
  6. I am shifting to my desired reality where I have everything 
  7. Everything is ready to work out for me in my desired reality 
  8. All my manifestations already exist in my desired reality 
  9. I can feel, see, and visualize my desired reality easily 
  10. I am more than happy to shift to my desired ideal reality 
  11. I am my best version in the reality I am shifting to 
  12. I have my desire looks in the reality I’m shifting to 
  13. I have all the money to do and accomplish everything in the reality I am shifting to 
  14. I am loved and fulfilled in the reality shifting to 

Affirmations To Complete Shifting

  1. My heart is full of so many emotions as I am shifting to my desired reality 
  2. I can feel my emotions overflowing through my eyes as I am able to shift to the reality of my dream 
  3. My consciousness and awareness are informing me about this shift in reality by filling my heart with overpowering emotions of gratitude, happiness, and love 
  4. I am instantly receiving all my desire 
  5. I am grateful and happy that I decided to shift to the reality I desired
  6. Tears of happiness are rolling down my cheeks and I am feeling a sense of calm as I have stepped into my desired reality 
  7. I can energetically sense the shift in my reality
  8. I know, understand, and believe that shifting is done

How To Use Shifting Affirmations List?

It is recommended to use all the affirmations from each section of the shifting affirmations list if it is possible for you to read all of them everyday to be able to see the effect of shifting faster.

But if you find that difficult to do, then you can listen to shifting subliminal containing all the affirmations in multiple layers from Loa Lab YouTube Channel. But if you are not able to decide to choose between using affirmations or subliminals, you can use the sources available below to decide for yourself.

Shifting Subliminal | Shift To Desired REALITY (Listen Once)

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