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Why Manifestation Doesn’t Work For Some People? Top 5 Reasons

There are many many instances where manifestation doesn’t work for people. And then there are many people who can easily manifest. It’s obvious that people whose manifestations aren’t working might be inclined to believe that it can just be coincidental when someone wanted something and it happened.

The main reason behind manifestation not working is believing that manifestation isn’t real. It doesn’t matter what you tell yourself or what you are trying to believe, if your gut feeling and your subconscious mind believes that manifestation or law of attraction is not real then that’s what’s going to manifest into your reality.

But it’s not your fault at all, and you can change that but that’s for another blog. For now, let’s get to the bottom of why manifesting isn’t working for you.

Top 4 Reasons Manifestation Doesn’t Work

Earlier I briefly talk about the subconscious block of not being able to believe that manifestation and the law of attraction are real. There are a few reasons that can act as supporting factors to that belief.

1. There’s a feeling inside your head telling you “You’re Not Ready Yet”

This is more common and normal than you might think. For example, I really want to manifest a cat but I am very well aware of the fears I have associated with the difficulties of taking care of a pet and their health.

It’s the fear that forms a voice in your head and tells you “you are not ready for this yet” and you continue to listen to it over and over again. At this point, all you can do is either wait for the time you truly feel ready. If you can’t wait then start preparing yourself for taking actions to make your manifestation happen.

I just used the example of manifesting a pet but the fear of not being ready can also apply to jobs, money, vacations, relationships, and everything else.

2. You are spending most of your time stressed & down

This is one of the main reasons why manifestation doesn’t work for many. Because the law of attraction depends a lot on how you are most of the time. If you are feeling stressed and down most of the time then you are attracting more of that energy. So the things that can bring you joy are being pushed away because things that are stressing you taking up more space in your life than they should.

So in order to manifest the things that can bring you happiness, you will need to create space for them.

3. You are dwelling on the past more than you are focusing on the present

This is a no-brainer because if you want things to change you’ll have to stop living in the past and reconnect your present experiences with the past ones. So if you are asking yourself why aren’t my manifestations not working then this might be the reason.

But if you are already someone who prefers to live and experience the present and still manifestation is not working then you might wanna take a different approach.

This leads me to another point!

4. Manifestation is not one size fits all, try a different mindset approach

If you are thinking manifesting doesn’t work then you might wanna try someone else’s manifestation teachings.

For example: If you read Neville Goddard’s teachings you’ll find that he has a quite different and more spiritual approach towards manifestation. And if you read Rhonda Byrne’s books you’ll find that it teaches you to have a balanced approach between the actions and thoughts.

So there are actually many law of attraction and manifestation authors you can learn from but you should only follow the teachings of the one that aligns with you and works for you.

You’ll be spending some time exploring different authors until you find one that fits your understanding and the teachings that are working for you. You can start your free audible trial and listen to as many law of attraction authors as you want.

5. Overthinking everything

Another reason, why manifestation isn’t working might be that you are dwelling and overthinking too much about manifestation being real or fake, working or not.

And for some, it can also go to the point that they don’t even notice when they start trying spells instead of manifestation techniques. So avoid being that person and know that everything will work out eventually.

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Final thoughts

If manifestation doesn’t work as fast as you thought or you are not able to get confirmation if it’s working or not then instead of worrying about why manifesting doesn’t work or why aren’t my manifestations working, take a break from the whole manifestation thing and get back to it later with a fresh mind ready to learn new things.

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