What Is Law Of Attraction? Do You Really Understand?

What Is Law Of Attraction? And Defining LOA

The Law Of Attraction is known as pseudoscience. This means it is claimed to be scientific but is unable to meet all three features of science, systematic empiricism, empirical questions, and public knowledge. Thus, we look at this said law from a perspective of philosophy more than a scientifically proven law. There are many methods, tools, and techniques used to get desired results from LOA. One of which is a mild form of self-hypnosis using affirmation and subliminal. And hypnosis is considered a science. In my opinion, there hasn’t been enough research done to support the theory of law of attraction.


Everything exists in different forms of energy and One form of energy attracts the same or similar form of energy. This occurrence is The Law Of Attraction. This results in attracting similar experiences over and over again until the pattern breaks to be replaced by another pattern, intentionally or unintentionally.

You must have read and heard a lot about the law of attraction and whenever you think of the LOA you might still not be able to understand what is the law of attraction is or how LOA works. I imagine the first thing that might come to your mind is, how someone can get all their wishes fulfilled just by thinking about the wish? It definitely does sound crazy but there are more things that go on with the LOA and those who can understand the concept of the law of attraction, are surely able to manifest all their possible desires into their reality.

If You Believe It’s Possible… It Will Happen.

So what’s the secret? Well now that I mentioned the word secret it reminded me of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, it is one of the most popular books about the law and you must have heard about the LOA in the first place because of the movie secret or Rhonda Byrne’s book The Secret but did you know that Rhonda Byrne has written more books about the law of attraction? Well, there is plenty of content available about the law of attraction but not all are easy to understand or wrap your head around. But LOA is actually very simple.

Let Me Help You Understand Law Of Attraction

Have you ever been on a roll of good luck? Like, one beautiful coincident happened and you felt so grateful then one by one all the possible good things happening around you and you feel happy all the time, it like the blessing of some magical dust touched you. Or Some days you just feel grumpy all the time and every possible stupid thing happens and that grumpy feeling continues to grow into making you feel really pissed off at the end of the day!

Well, ever occurred to you that you’ve been focusing on that one feeling or one vision that continued to attract more and more similar experiences for you throughout the day is actually a result of law of attraction? Because The Law Of Attraction is working every single second and there’s no stopping it. So you are consistently manifesting all the things you are focusing your mind, your energy, or your feelings on the most.

How to Make Law Of Attraction Work In Your Favor?

Start making choices! yes. You will need to choose the things you focus on very carefully. It’s not just about thinking or visualizing the things you want or wish to have, it’s about giving it the energy. The positive kind of energy and that energy comes from within so if you have been experiencing or seeing negative experiences, your subconscious mind will automatically pick up those things. So to change that you will need to make the conscious choice to shut all the negative thoughts, speech, experiences, beliefs from your life and that’s an ongoing task until it becomes a reflex to absorb and focus on the things you want in your life and block out the things you don’t. Blocking out doesn’t mean ignorance, but it simply means being empathetic but still keeping it from emotionally affecting you.

A Few Things You Can Do To Use LOA

  • Take care of your mental and emotional health
  • Practice meditation as often as possible, preferably mindfulness meditation as it helps us better to understand our emotions & stay present
  • Don’t force positivity instead try your best and use some tools to help you stay positive, such as affirmations, hypnosis, and writing.
  • Practice gratitude, with or without maintaining a journal


You might not always get what you think you want but you will always get everything your feelings, energies, and thoughts are consistently focused on. And the law of attraction says thought becomes reality because what we think is highly influenced by how we feel and our thoughts also influence how we feel and in what energy we are going to spend most of our time so if we are focused on the good we will attract good experiences in our life.

If you understand Hindi you might want to check out the video also on what law of attraction is.

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