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What Forced Subliminal Means? 3 Difference Between Forced Subliminal & Subliminal

There seems to be a lot of conflict and different opinions on what is a forced subliminal. And not enough reliable sources explaining well enough what forced subliminal means! And the main problem is subliminal makers who are creating forced subliminal don’t care to explain what they mean when using “Forced Subliminal” in their title.

So, the majority of the subliminal listeners are assuming that a subliminal is called a forced subliminal when the subliminal messages are meant to force your subconscious mind to believe all the subliminal messages included in the forced subliminal.

This is true to a great extent but that is not the entire truth. There’s more to a forced subliminal and will get to understand what is a forced subliminal? And how do they affect your subconscious mind? Difference between forced subliminal and normal subliminal and how they make you feel. And I’ll also list some examples of forced affirmations and normal subliminal affirmations, so that you can get a clear understanding of what you are getting yourself into when choosing to listen to a forced subliminal.

What Is A Forced Subliminal?

Forced subliminals are subliminal that contain forced affirmations that are written in a way that forces your mind to believe in them being true. So that your subconscious mind accepts those suggestions no matter how you feel or what your current beliefs are. These types of subliminal messages completely override all the positive negatives of all the beliefs. Because all the subliminal suggestions are mostly exaggerated, very specific, and in the complete result state.

Forced subliminal are usually looped and can have a lot of layers so that it can really force your mind to believe in those affirmations. Forced subliminals are supposed to give you really fast results by forcing the suggestions in your mind.

How does Forced Subliminal Effect Subconscious Mind?

Some believe that forced subliminals are bad but many like using forced subliminal because they can get faster results.

And some might say that forced subliminal are based on the basic concept of the law of attraction where you need to believe first in order to receive results and manifestation techniques like act as if.

And even if you believe that forced subliminals are not as bad but there are some consequences of forcing the subconscious mind.

And with the law of attraction, you are not forcing your subconscious to believe in anything your just trying to believe and address your beliefs on a conscious level. Things change when the subconscious mind gets involved because of the complexity of the human mind.

If you think of your subconscious mind as an individual then you will be able to understand that the best way to get through an individual who has emotions is by being kind, gentle, and affectionate. But by using forced subliminal you are essentially bullying your subconscious mind by saying that you will have to believe that these things are true by constantly repeating exaggerated, extremely specific forced affirmations.

This can result in your subconscious mind ending up feeling tired, irritated, stressed, or confused. And you might experience your feelings spiraling out of control as a reaction to that stress.

What Is The Difference Between Forced Subliminal And Normal Subliminal?

  1. Normal subliminal suggests ideas and thoughts to the subconscious mind. And that’s why they are also called subliminal suggestions.
  2. Affirmations in the normal are affectionate, kind, and open for acceptance.
  3. When you listen to normal subliminals you are mostl likely to feel, relaxed, happy, and uplifted.
  1. Forced subliminals forces the subconscious mind to believe in the subliminal messages.
  2. The affirmations in the forced subliminal are exaggerated and pushing towards achieving results no matter what.
  3. You might feel sad, upset, worried, depressed, and anxious after listening to forced subliminals.

Examples Of Difference Between Forced Subliminal Affirmations & Normal Subliminal Suggestions

We will be taking subliminal booster affirmations as examples to understand what the difference between forced subliminal booster and normal subliminal booster suggestions will look like.

Let’s first understand what normal subliminal affirmations look like:

  • It is safe for me to listen to subliminal
  • I allow myself to accept subliminal messages and suggestion
  • I am ready to accept and believe in the subliminal
  • I understand that I can get great results from listening to subliminal

What forced subliminal affirmations look like:

  • Subliminals work instantly for me
  • I always get instant results from listening to subliminal
  • I have all my desires manifest this very second
  • I have already manifested all my desires
  • I can see my subliminal results right now in the present moment

As you can notice normal subliminal affirmations are about accepting, allowing, and a sense of safety. And the forced affirmations are all focused on getting fast, instant subliminal results. Which is very specific and the main purpose of using a subliminal booster.

The force affirmations look very appealing and perfectly normal but remember they are for your subconscious mind and not your conscious mind. But when you are reading these affirmations they are appealing to your conscious mind because you want instant results.

But once they are being forced into your subconscious mind it can get confusing and stressful for the subconscious even though your subconscious mind is powerful but we have to be gentle because, with the subconscious, there is no resistance wall or barrier.

While you are here learning more about subliminals, I have a few more articles that I want you to read about subliminals so that you can stay safe while still getting great results from subliminals.

Final thoughts

What type of subliminal you want to listen to is completely up to you and what works for you best. If you are getting great results with any subliminal and feeling good then that’s great. But if at any moment you feel like you want to stop listening to a certain subliminal then you should stop right away.

And you can enjoy getting subliminal results and using subliminal just be mindful of certain types of Subliminals and stop listening to them as soon as you notice any negative feelings or sensations.

You can also check out Loa Lab’s YouTube channel where I share the subliminals I create and you’ll also find all the subliminal affirmations in the description of each subliminal.

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