What Are Subliminal Formulas? 3 Subliminal Formula Ideas

subliminal formulas

Subliminal formulas are a very interesting part of making subliminal. There is also a lot of confusion and not so much clarity on how subliminal makers are making different subliminal formulas. In this article, we are diving extremely deep into the rabbit hole of subliminal formulas. If you listen to subliminals often, you must have heard at least one of these subliminal formula names, morph now, SSS-5, 2.0, 4.0, and XT-01. All these formulas for subliminal were initially created by the Subliminal maker Moza Morph. 

Moza Morph always makes a video when there’s a new subliminal formula she is about to launch. It mostly contains just enough amount of information, not too little, not a lot, just enough to create curiosity and inform the viewers. This can be very frustrating as a subliminal listener and as a creator. Why? You will soon find out! 

First, let’s look at what a subliminal formula really is. 

What Are Subliminal Formulas? 

subliminal formula conclusion

So as you know, subliminal is basically hidden messages in audio or virtual form. It’s hidden from your conscious mind, but your subconscious mind can pick up on those messages. These suggestions or messages are so small, unrecognizable, and sublime that they can completely escape The conscious level of understanding. That’s why they are called subliminal. Putting this definition out here was important because it will help you understand the subliminal formula, but if you want to understand the meaning of subliminal on a deeper level, then click here

The subliminal formulas we are discussing here are mostly related to audio subliminals because it’s easier to create a formula for audio subliminal. In essence, a subliminal formula means a set of combinations in which a subliminal is made. 

Example of a subliminal formula

The subliminal formula SSS-5 uses self-awareness affirmations, social psychology affirmations (compliments related to the specific manifestation goal), census, and emotions. So that SSS stands for self-awareness, social psychology, and senses, and 5 stands for 5 human senses in the formula

Now if you are going to make a subliminal using this formula, then you will have to make affirmations according to these categories and also include specific affirmations to experience the result being manifested and felt through the 5 human senses. 

Just like this combination of making a subliminal, that can be mainly different combinations and methods for creating a subliminal. It’s what we call a subliminal formula. 

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How to know which subliminal formulas are used when there is no mention of a formula? 

There are actually a lot of subliminals available on YouTube that don’t have any specific formula mentioned in the video or title. But if you will go ahead and read the description, you will find out that they do have a specific method of creating their subliminal. Mostly they can have booster affirmations or self-love affirmations included apart from their specific subliminal affirmations for that particular video. 

3 effective subliminal formula ideas

subliminal formula ideas

You don’t have to go ahead and use the same subliminal formula as other subliminal creators. If you want to, you can definitely use the subliminal formula other subliminal makers have created, but mostly they don’t share all the details of their subliminal formula, and fortunately. 

If you really want to create subliminals with the same subliminal formula, that might have worked for other creators for you. In that case, you will have to do some extreme digging to understand their subliminal methods. 

However, it’s best to create your own versions of Creative subliminal formulas by yourself. Those unique new subliminal formulas may just end up working very better than any other formula that exists because it’s all about creativity

Combining visuals and audio 

We already know that the subliminal mean is lower than the threshold of the conscious mind. It can also be visual. You can add images and extremely short clips for a second or a half second or just quick flashes of subliminal visuals along with your affirmations. 

Combining different kinds of affirmations 

This means the affirmations can also be in the second person or first person or maybe even as a social group. The best way to use subliminal affirmations is to make them easy but descriptive so that even someone with not to very little language understanding can use them. It’s the simplicity that makes any subliminal effective. 

Make use of mantras 

There are so many mantras that are used for meditation and spiritual awakening, and so much more. They can also be used along with positive affirmations. But it’s a better idea to keep the affirmations simple when using a Mantra along with them. 

Take liberty and create your unique subliminal formula using these ideas and you can create several different formulas with it.

Why it’s bad when subliminal creators hold back on the formula information 

Will it’s not entirely bad, but holding back the information is not ideal when you are trusting someone so much with your subconscious mind. Not many subliminal creators even share their affirmations, saying that reading the affirmations will create resistance which is not true at all. If that was indeed through, then they wouldn’t be having any results because they are writing the formations by themselves. And if they are not getting any results from their own subliminal, then it makes everything questionable. 

To a great extent, it is actually messed up because there are subliminal makers who are making abundance and money subliminals or job subliminals, but and the other hand, they are asking for donations and asking you to pay for custom subliminal and promoting it way more than it needs to be promoted. 

So yeah! It’s time that subliminal makers become more and more transparent and clear with their efforts and their subliminal. 

Subliminal two work, but it’s important that those who are creating these beautiful subliminals also maintain honesty and create with a lot of positivity. There are definitely many subliminal makers who are making efforts to keep the subliminal community clean.

Honestly I am a little bit sour because when I got into subliminals, all these formula stuff was super confusing and I was not able to figure out how I can make my own subliminals!

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