Best Binaural Beats YouTube Channels

Top 8 Best Binaural Beats YouTube Channels 2023

Are you looking for a way to relax, focus, or fall asleep? Binaural beats YouTube videos may be just what you need. These special sounds can help to alter your brainwaves, resulting in different states of consciousness.

Binaural beats are a type of auditory illusion that occurs when two different tones are played in each ear. The brain then perceives a third, fused tone. This can have a relaxing or focus-enhancing effect. If you want to better understand what binaural beats are and how they affect your brain? How to use binaural beats to get the best effect? then here’s the perfect article to help you: What are Binaural Beats? 6 Best Binaural Beats Benefits

There are many YouTube channels that offer binaural beats recordings. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top binaural beats YouTube channels for 2022.

List Of Best Binaural Beats YouTube Channel Review

I am not going to mention the number of subscribers for the top binaural beats YouTube channel for two main reasons. 1. It’s literally just a number if the channel is not uploading consistent quality music. 2. I am focusing on reviewing each channel based on the content they post and how they mix and make their music.

1. SleepTube – Hypnotic Relaxation

I feel like this is the best binaural beats channel on YouTube because the quality of the videos are great. All the binaural beats tracks are so relaxing and pleasing, unlike many other headache inducing YouTube binaural tracks. You can actually peacefully fall asleep while listening to their music. And the visuals are also very unique, so that’s really a plus.

2. Good Vibes – Binaural Beats

Good vibes binaural beats YouTube channel is around for 7 years now. And they are dedicated to posting binaural beats. They also have 24*7 live streams of binaural meditation music. And they use delta waves, alpha waves, theta waves, beta waves and gamma waves in their binaural meditation music, which is cool.

Good vibes also provide some royalty free Sound Effects.

3. Brainwave Music 

Brainwave music was I guess the first channel I came across when I started listening to relaxing sleep and meditation music on YouTube. So I can say that this is one of the OG binaural music channels. It’s been active since 2013. But since I switched to listening subliminals, I almost stopped listening to binaural meditation music.

4. Quadible Integrity – Healing Frequency Music

I’ve been asked to review quadible integrity a lot but I never got the chance to do so before. They also post crystal healing music, which I think is really unique. I am not impressed with them mixing multiple frequencies together like 2hz, 22hz, 222hz, 2222hz. Because I feel like it’s too much for the brain.

But I’ll definitely be trying their crystal healing music. I have Rose Quartz and Citrine, so it will be interesting how their music works with them and if they help me get more out of working with crystals.

5. Magnetic Minds

Magnetic minds layer their music with Binaural Beats and Solfeggio Frequencies. I am not much familiar with the terms Solfeggio Frequencies but I am definitely intrigued to understand the difference between Solfeggio Frequencies and binaural beat if there are any.

One thing that I didn’t like is magnetic minds also mix different frequencies together which I don’t think is ideal but the rest is awesome.

6. Music for Body and Spirit – Meditation Music

This channel surprisingly has many binaural beats music. When I first found out about this channel I thought it was a regular relaxation music channel, but that’s not the case. They do post a bunch of regular music for study, relaxation and focus. But they also have many binaural meditation music also in their channel.

7. ZenLifeRelax

This used to be my go-to channel for meditation and relaxation music search but they have a huge number of binaural beats sleep meditation music. Visuals are also very peaceful, if you are also someone who likes to enjoy peaceful visuals when listening then this can also be your go-to channel for meditation and binaural beats music channel.

8. Greenred Productions – Relaxing Music

Greenred productions also focuses mainly on relaxation and healing music but you can definitely find many interesting binaural beats music in their channel. But binaural beats music is not their main content type.

And if you are also like me and you prefer subliminals then checkout Best Subliminal Channels 2022 – Investigating YouTube Subliminals. And if you know any good binaural beats channel then let em know in the comments, I’d love to check them out.

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