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Top 5 Best Subliminal Booster On YouTube

For the longest time, I was in search of the best subliminal booster on YouTube. Not just to use for myself but for two other reasons which I’ll tell you later. For now, let’s straight get to the list of top 5 subliminal boosters and I’ll also let you know why I think they are the best.

Also, I think I am going to become super receptive to manifesting through Subliminals by the time I finish writing this blog post because I am also going to listen to each one of them as I am reviewing them just to be sure how they make me feel in the present.

Here Are The Top 5 Best Subliminal Booster

These are the best subliminal boosters according to me and I hope you all will like them too. Also, if you know any subliminal booster that has worked really well and super-fast for you, then let me know in the comments and I’ll check it out.

1. Kapelsu’s Booster

The description says to use it with caution then there are probably a lot of powerful subliminal messages. Overall my experience of listening to this subliminal was good. I could feel tingling in my feet for some reason. The sounds that Kapelsu used for this sub were also very calming.

I wouldn’t use this booster with another subliminal unless I am extremely sure about the benefits and what to expect from that particular subliminal.

2. baejin cafe’s booster

Baejin cafe has mentioned in the description that it’s enough to use this booster subliminal twice before your subliminal playlist to get results. I like how the subliminal affirmation summary was very detailed.

3. Luminalplay Gamma Booster

To be honest I haven’t quite understood the term gamma booster or gamma in the subliminal community and I am still trying to wrap my head around it. This booster is made with 528hz frequency as per the description from Luminalplay. The sounds used in making this booster subliminal is really calming to say the least.

This booster subliminal is made specifically to get results in one day, I find that really cool. And I suppose getting results in one day means starting to see or feel the changes taking place in one day.

This is also the longest booster in the list of best subliminal boosters.

4. Another baejin cafe

Yes, we are reading that right. Baejin cafe’s one more subliminal booster is on the list of top booster subliminal. The claims are very high on this one and in the description, baejin cafe states that it has helped them (I don’t know their pronouns) get results only after listening twice while editing.

By reading the affirmations document provided in the description I can say that this is not just a booster. It is meant to help you navigate towards good things and attract good and positive things and experiences to you. It is more like a manifestation booster.

5. Loa Lab’s Sleep Subliminal Booster

There are already plenty of many types of booster on YouTube but I couldn’t find any booster specifically made for sleep subliminals. You can find all the subliminal affirmations here for this sleep subliminal booster.

This subliminal is best to use along with overnight or sleep subliminal. I have used this subliminal alone just a few times and I feel like I am getting a lot closer to my goals.

This booster is not filled with a huge amount of affirmations. The idea is to keep it clean because when we are about to fall asleep it’s time for rest and rejuvenation. So it’s not ideal to bombard the mind with a lot of subliminal affirmations to process and adapt to.


One thing I’ve noticed is you can’t stop listening to subliminals, it all literally feels so addictive once you find a few channels that you can trust. And no matter which subliminal booster you decide to use you is definitely going to get results. So keep calm and enjoy listening to your subliminal playlist along with a suitable booster subliminal.

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