51 Intense Skin Affirmations For Virtual Skincare

skin affirmations

What do you think skin affirmations can do for your skin? These skin affirmations can act as a virtual skincare routine. The way you need to have a regular skincare routine that can help your skin stay clean, hydrated, and moisturized, the same way you also need to have a mental belief system that can support the health of your skin. 

All the positive skin affirmations here include affirmations for clear skin, affirmations for glow, and affirmations for building healthy skin habits on a subconscious level, affirmations to help your body detoxify, affirmations for hormonal balance because skin effect how your skin looks. And lastly, it also includes affirmations for good sleep and a healthy diet.

Because things like hormones and diet and sleep can definitely have a huge impact on how your skin looks and feels. And even if you have the best skincare routine, the unhealthy sleep schedule and unhealthy diet will start to show on your body and skin. 

And dealing with these things on a subconscious level will help improve your skin within a week max. So let’s get to the skin affirmations.

List Of Skin Affirmations AKA Virtual Skincare Affirmations

  1. I am ready to take care of my skin
  2. I can easily achieve clear, smooth, and glowing skin
  3. My skin has a naturally healthy glow
  4. My skin is healthy and free from all the skin problems
  5. I have the best and healthiest glowing skin
  6. My skin is virtually pore-less and smoothest
  7. I always drink plenty of water to keep my skin healthy and hydrated
  8. My skin is always supple
  9. I have a healthy glow on my face and beautifully clear skin
  10. I regularly exfoliate my skin to get rid of dead cells and impurities
  11. I have the best and healthiest glowing skin
  12. My skin is always supple and smooth
  13. I eat healthy food to keep my body hydrated and glowing
  14. My skin is naturally clear and smooth without any impurities or dead cells
  15. I regularly drink plenty of water to keep my skin healthy, hydrated, glowing and moisturized. 
  16. I drink at least 3 liters of water daily.  
  17. I have a healthy diet that consists of lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains.
  18. I eat lots of antioxidants to keep my body free from free radicals. 
  19. My diet is full of anti-inflammatory foods such as turmeric. 
  20. I avoid processed foods because they are unhealthy for the body. 
  21. And I avoid eating sugar because it robs the moisture from your body which makes your skin dry and dull-looking.  
  22. My diet consists mainly of fresh fruits, veggies (cooked or raw), nuts/seeds/grains like quinoa or brown rice (cooked), and legumes like beans or lentils (cooked) 
  23. My diet is also rich in anti-inflammatory foods such as turmeric, ginger, and garlic. 
  24. I drink lots of water because it keeps my skin hydrated and moisturized.
  25. I regularly drink green tea because it is loaded with antioxidants which keep my body free from free radicals.
  26. Eating healthy also keeps my hormones in balance 
  27. I love to indulge myself in activities that help me relieve stress 
  28. I enjoy fun exercises and workouts 
  29. I also enjoy dark chocolate because it is full of antioxidants 
  30. I love getting good 8-9 hours of sleep 
  31. My skin attaining that pinkish healthy glow because of all the healthy diet and skin care 
  32. I love listening to music and music helps me relax 
  33. Keeping stress at bay makes my skin glow 
  34. Self-control and making healthy living choices come naturally to me 
  35. Every time I look in the mirror I always notice all the good things about my skin 
  36. My skin is pore-less and spotless because I really take good care of my skin and health 
  37. My skin looks so beautiful and healthy as if I have a permanent Instagram filter on my skin 
  38. My body automatically detoxifies to keep me and my skin healthy 
  39. My skin is automatically clear, hydrated, smooth, and supple 
  40. I change my pillowcase often
  41. I love keeping my towels clean
  42. I only like to touch my face when my hands are clean
  43. I am beyond grateful for having beautiful clear and smooth skin
  44. I subconsciously and intuitively know what’s best for my skin
  45. I am allowing my conscious and subconscious minds to accept all the healthy habits
  46. I also do skin care detox whenever my skin needs it
  47. My skin looks great and perfect without any makeup at all
  48. I feel confident with my bare skin because it is always glowing with health
  49. I take good care of personal hygiene and I keep my hands off my face
  50. I like doing good relaxing skin care sessions every once in a while to boost the glow
  51. I am allowing myself to believe in the positive affirming messages

Skincare Subliminal

This is the subliminal which I’ve made using all the positive skin affirmations written above, including some more subliminal suggestions for self-love and beliefs in enhance the effect of the subliminal.

You can use this subliminal even when you are reading the skin affirmations. And if you want to make sure that you adopt all the positive habits mentioned in the affirmations above that can help your skin then make sure to use the subliminal affirmations for as long they all start to feel completely effortless.

You can also check out Loa Lab’s YouTube Channel for more subliminals.

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