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manifestation doesn't work

Why Manifestation Doesn’t Work For Some People? Top 5 Reasons

There are many many instances where manifestation doesn’t work for people. And then there are many people who can easily manifest. It’s obvious that people whose manifestations aren’t working might be inclined to believe that it can just be coincidental when someone wanted something and it happened. The main reason behind manifestation not working is believing that manifestation isn’t real. It doesn’t matter what you tell yourself or what you are trying to believe,…

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music for manifestation

How To Use Music For Manifestation? 4 Best Music Types

There’s nothing better than using music for manifestation. This definitely sounds like a big statement but honestly, there isn’t a better way to manifest than use music. So brace yourself to get a ton of value and truly become a master manifester. Because in this blog post you’ll not only learn how to use music for manifestation, but I’ll also share the 4 best types of music for using music for manifestation. But let…

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ho'oponopono subliminal

How To Use Ho’oponopono Subliminal To Get The Best Out Of It?

If you’ve never heard of Ho’oponopono subliminal, it’s time to start paying attention! This little-known technique is a powerful tool that can help you heal and get out of any deepest darkest situation. If you’ve been looking for a way to improve your life, you may have come across the Hawaiian practice of ho’oponopono. This traditional practice is based on the belief that we are all connected and that we can use our thoughts…

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gratitude manifestation

Gratitude Manifestation – How To Use LOA At Your Lowest?

The easiest way to manifest anything is through gratitude manifestation. If you’ve been on your lowest and don’t know what to do then the best way to start manifesting again is through gratitude manifestation. The concept of manifesting with gratitude is simple yet people underestimate the power gratitude holds. You can literally manifest anything with gratitude. Gratitude and manifestation actually go hand in hand. Hitting the lowest point in your life doesn’t necessarily mean…

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how to manifest for someone else

How To Manifest For Someone Else? 5 Miraculous Epic Steps

Can you manifest for someone else? Yes! definitely, you can. The real question is how to manifest for someone else because manifesting for others is no joke. It’s going to take a lot of pure positive and unconditional intentions on your part and also efforts on their part. I am not just going to answer can you manifest for someone else and how to manifest. I’ll also be sharing how you can manifest, money,…

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things to be grateful for today

50 Unique Things To Be Grateful For Today

I am sure that you will also agree that there are so many things to be grateful for today. But I can literally say about myself that I pretty easily came up with 50 things to be grateful for today that are actually very unique. And many of them will surprise you. Apart from these 50 gratitude surprises, you’ll also get to learn how to find more little joys and unique things to be…

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10 things I am grateful for

10 Things I Am Grateful For & I’ll Always Be

The feeling of gratitude is so powerful but most of us feel stuck when writing about things they feel grateful for. So here I am sharing 10 things I am grateful for and I’ll always be. All these things unique and personal to me so feel free to take in Ideas. And I’ll be really happy if you are able to appreciate these little things about life after reading the list of things I…

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how to write a gratitude journal

How To Write A Gratitude Journal – 5 Epic Ideas

There are only two reasons you might be looking for an answer to how to write a gratitude journal or what to write in gratitude journal. One, because you want to start writing gratitude journal for the law of attraction and speed up your manifestation. And two, because you want to experience all the mental-emotional health benefits of writing gratitude journal.  Once you start writing your gratitude journal double intuitively start to understand how…

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self care, taking care of yourself

How To Start Taking Care Of Yourself – 7 Odd Ways

You know that you should be taking care of yourself, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. If you’re looking for some odd and creative ways to get yourself on the path to self-care, this article is for you! From taking a break from social media to investing in a plant, these tips will help you get started on the road to taking care of yourself. What really is the Importance Of…

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daily routine, daily routine of successful people

6 Epic Daily Routine Tips For Job & Study – Frustration Proof

You know what is so interesting and different about the daily routine of successful people? They know what they are doing and they don’t get frustrated or bored with their daily routine. And if you want to get somewhere in life and become successful then you must know these 6 epic daily routine tips because these are frustration proof. Doing the same things daily just on loop can make you feel like you don’t…

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what is manifestation

What Is Manifestation? With Clear Example

What is manifestation in simple words? Manifestation is the process of bringing your desires into your reality. In terms of law of attraction, manifestation is the act of making your dreams a reality through the power of thought and intention. And in the context of personal growth, manifestation typically refers to the act of making your personal growth goals a reality through positive thoughts and actions. It is often considered a magical process. How…

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how to plan your day

How To Plan Your Day And Take Inspired Actions

How to plan your day in a way where you’ll not feel like you are binding yourself and losing your freedom to choose and live in the moment. According to science , 92% of people fail to achieve their goals. No planning and no goals are equal to failure. But no one fails because they don’t know how to plan a day. Planning a day is relatively easy. You take a calendar and you…

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how to manage anxiety attack

How To Manage Anxiety Attack In 8 Steps Instantly?

I’ll start by saying that I am not a psychologist or mental health expert. All the tips and suggestions I am sharing about how to manage anxiety attacks instantly are based on my personal experience, study, and advice provided by experts. And I am also going to share expert help resources at the bottom of this blog post. What anxiety attack feels like? Everyone is going to experience anxiety differently. In my experience anxiety…

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effortless productivity

3 Secret Of Effortless Productivity

What are the secrets to effortless productivity and staying happy at all times? The story I am about to share with you is going to change your whole perspective about staying productive and still Being Happy and content. A few days ago I was watching Andrew Kirby’s video on effortless productivity because who doesn’t want to be more productive and do better than they are doing right now. And I’m one of those people…

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personal development plan

Perfect Personal Development Plan – 4 Weeks Growth Challenge

When you challenge yourself by giving the time limit for self growth, you are actually committing to a perfect personal development plan. Because of growth challenge with time video give you a sense of responsibility towards yourself and the self growth you want to achieve. So let’s understand what is a 4 weeks growth challenge without any delay. What is the 4 Weeks Growth Challenge? The 4 weeks growth challenge will include four areas…

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what is life

What Is Life? Just Survival? What Should I Do With It?

What is life? What is the meaning of life? This is a question that bugs me a lot and maybe it is the right question to ask. Because life cannot be only about survival or just living like it’s going to end one day trying to live. And we are going to figure it out all together but this is not going to be a smooth ride. Trying to figure out what is the…

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chakra colors

7 Chakra Colors, Meaning, & More – Ultimate Accurate Guide

You might already know about the 7 Chakra and their importance but did you know that chakra colors are as important because each has a meaning. And all the 7 Chakra correspond with the meaning of the Chakra colors associated with it. By working with the chakra colors, we can open ourselves up to new possibilities and experiences. Also, the 7 chakras are said to be energy centers in the body that are each…

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Law Of Attraction How To: How To Manifest Something

When you first get to know about the law of attraction the first question that pops up in the mind is how to manifest something, or maybe how to attract things I want! The answers to both are the same or at least similar because the terms attract more so implies letting the thing make its way to you and you, just patiently waiting for your desire to come to you. Where manifesting implies…

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I Transformed Myself With The Help Of Law Of Attraction

I’m sharing the story of my transformation and how I changed my appearance with law of attraction using the mirror method. Anyone can get amazing results with the law of attraction, it just takes some will and some work. Being introduced to law of attraction is been the best thing for me. I actually never dedicated enough time to use the law of attraction techniques as I should have been still it has given…

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Mindfulness Articles

how to find inspiration

How To Find Inspiration? 4 Easy Things That Work For Me

It’s actually a must to learn how to find inspiration on a daily basis for everyone. Because a lot of the things we do in our daily life definitely require a massive amount of inspiration and motivation. People say that inspiration can strike anytime anywhere but the problem with that is it’s not going to be consistent. And if we continue to wait for inspiration to strike then you don’t even know how long it will take. And inspiration is essential for creativity but consistency is necessary for success. I actually wish that I…

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what is mindfulness, types of mindfulness

What Is Mindfulness? How To Take The Advantage Of It

We are going to dive and dwell deep into what is mindfulness! There are actually Three types of mindfulness. 1) The state of mindfulness, 2) Mindfulness meditation, 3) Active mindfulness. So first we will understand what is mindfulness and then we will focus on the three types of mindfulness then later in this blog post we will understand the effect of using mindfulness in our lives and how simply understanding what is mindfulness can change our way of thinking and reaction to everything that happens around us or with us. And how to take…

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how to control your emotions

How To Control Your Emotions And Never Be A Loser Again

Before we dive into understanding how to control your emotions it is important to know and understand that controlling emotions is not the same as ignoring, suppressing, or disregarding our emotions. Because the way controlling emotions has so many advantages, the same way sabotaging and ignoring your emotions can have many advert effects and can also result in more stress and trauma. And we want to control our emotions to get the most out of our life and intelligence that’s why we’re here learning about how to your control emotions. Why do we all…

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how to start meditating

How To Start Meditating – Unbelievably Easy Method

You’ve read all the benefits of meditation and the first thing that might come to your mind is “how to start meditating?” Meditation does feel simple and it is simple to do but the simplicity makes it complicated to successfully meditate. And that is why Loa Lab is bringing you unbelievably easy methods for meditation. Did I just say method? This is actually an awesome and easy-to-utilize complete beginner’s meditation guide. And only answer to your question about how to start meditating! Let me first walk you through the key points in this guide…

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things to be grateful for

10 Things To Be Thankful For In Life

Life can be tough sometimes, but we are lucky to have so many things to be thankful for. And gratitude is important because it helps us see the deep things to be thankful for in life rather than focus on what we don’t have. It has been proven that those who express gratitude are more optimistic, feel better about themselves, and actually experience greater happiness than those who do not show gratitude. Why List little things to be thankful for? Being thankful for the things we already have in our life doesn’t make us…

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words of affirmation

Words Of Affirmation Meaning & How To Easily Use Them

We are getting deep into what are words of affirmation. And how to use these words. Words of affirmation are very different from positive affirmations. We use positive affirmations for ourselves but words of affirmation are for our loved ones. Words of affirmation are a way to show love and support to the ones who matter so much to us. Words Of Affirmation Meaning Words of affirmation simply mean positive loving and supporting words affirming your love and support towards the ones you love. Every now and then people in our life needs some…

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how to remain calm under pressure

How To Remain Calm Under Pressure? Sure-Shot Ways

How to remain calm under pressure? Remaining calm under pressure is actually a very precious skill, which you can definitely develop. Usually, our body’s natural response to pressure and stress is entering panic mode. You are faced with a situation where your body hits panic mode. And it might not always be about the pressure from work, you can also feel pressure in your family life or from your parents, significant other, or in your friend circle, also, peer pressure is a real thing.  Having some amount of control over your mind and how…

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feeling good

Not Feeling Good? How To Feel Inspired And Better?

Not feeling good? I got your back! Feeling better and inspired can change everything and make everything so much better. We talk about inspired actions a lot in the law of attraction but if you are not feeling good and inspired then how you are supposed to take inspired actions or change the world. And that is why I am here sharing a few tremendous things you can do to keep yourself inspired for the day. And it’s something that cannot be ignored or taken for granted.  Why you should not take inspiration for…

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20 I Am Affirmations To Charge You For The Day

Starting the day with powerful I am affirmations can help set the intentions for the best possible day ahead. Because you are starting your day with you and by assuring, motivating, and inspiring “YOU” using “I Am Affirmations”. Many might say that ‘I’ represents ego and starting your days with I am affirmations means starting the day with ego but that’s not completely true. Because “I Am” also represents a sense of self, a sense of being, a sense of individuality and there’s nothing wrong with it. And the sense of individuality can never…

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Any Loss Is A Loss: Mourning Hardship Of A Spiritual Person

Spirituality or being spiritual has different meaning for everyone but from where I am standing in my spiritual journey, all I understand, spirituality is understanding the concept of spirits and believing in the infinite energy. And what I mean by infinite energy is the source power some call “The Universe” Or “God”. This might be only my experience but I find myself very lonely even after being surrounded by family and the people who love me for my work I do as a content creator. But in the end I find myself alone. Because…

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How Do We Know The Universe Is Listening?

It’s raining outside but the storm is inside, the storm of feelings and all the rush to get somewhere. We are always in so much rush, do you even remember when the last time you actually experienced all the flavors of the food on your plate? Or when was the last time you felt the air caressing you as you tried to fall asleep? I’m so proud of you if you do remember or it’s an everyday thing for you. Because these small things in life decide if you’ll be able to listen when…

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