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Inner Child Healing: 77 Affirmations & Power Of Subliminal

Healing the inner child can be a breakthrough in life and your spiritual journey. There can be a lot, even if you haven’t had a traumatic childhood. We often pick up so many base beliefs when we are kids. A lot of the issues begin from there. 

In this article, you are about to find out how you can do inner child healing using affirmations and subliminals. These two are very powerful tools for manifestation and finding the best you can ever become. 

Understanding the Inner Child

what is inner child healing

Our inner child represents the part of us that retains the emotions, beliefs, and vulnerabilities we experienced during our formative years. It embodies our innocence, creativity, and authentic self-expression. The inner child is sensitive and impressionable, and its wounds can continue to affect our lives until we address and heal them.

The Impact of Childhood Experiences

Our childhood experiences shape who we become as adults, influencing our beliefs, behaviors, and emotional well-being. Often, these experiences leave lasting wounds and limiting beliefs that hinder our personal growth and happiness. 

Traumatic events, neglect, criticism, or lack of nurturing can create emotional wounds that become embedded in our subconscious. These wounds give rise to limiting beliefs, such as “I am not worthy” or “I am unlovable,” which shape our self-perception and behavior patterns.

However, with the practice of inner child healing, we can reconnect with our wounded inner child and foster deep healing and transformation. 

Inner Child Healing

Inner child healing is a transformative process that involves acknowledging, understanding, and nurturing our wounded inner child. By consciously engaging with our inner child, we can release emotional baggage, reframe negative beliefs, and foster self-compassion. Two powerful techniques that aid in this healing journey are affirmations and subliminal messaging.

Harnessing Subliminal Messaging

Subliminal messaging involves bypassing the conscious mind’s filters by presenting messages or stimuli that are below the threshold of awareness. These messages directly target the subconscious mind, influencing beliefs and behaviors at a subconscious level. In the context of inner child healing, subliminal messages can be used to help you understand and connect with your inner child so that you can begin to understand the patterns and beliefs that can prevent you from living freely and happily.

Here’s the subliminal music from Loa Lab for inner child healing you can try for yourself!

How Affirmations Aid Inner Child Healing

Affirmations play a crucial role in the process of inner child healing. By consciously choosing and repeating positive affirmations, we can gradually overwrite the negative beliefs and self-perceptions that were formed in our early years. Here’s how affirmations facilitate inner child healing:

Rewriting Negative Beliefs

Affirmations act as powerful tools for rewriting negative beliefs that stem from childhood experiences. As we consistently affirm positive statements about ourselves, such as “I am worthy of love and respect,” we begin to challenge and replace the limiting beliefs that were imprinted during our formative years. By affirming our inherent worthiness and value, we create a new foundation for self-love and self-acceptance.

Overcoming Resistance and Doubt

Often, our conscious mind resists change and clings to familiar patterns, even if they are negative or limiting. Subliminal messages provide a way to overcome this resistance by subtly bypassing the conscious mind’s barriers. They work beneath the surface, gently nudging our subconscious to accept new empowering beliefs and behaviors, facilitating inner child healing on a profound level.

77 Affirmations For Inner Child Healing

affirmations for healing inner child

These are the affirmations that are used in the subliminal above. You can also use these affirmations as it is. But, it can be overwhelming to retain and repeat and use all the affirmations every day.

What you can do instead is save this page and read them or listen to the subliminal or do both.

  1. I am worthy of love and happiness.
  2. I embrace my inner child with compassion and understanding.
  3. I give myself permission to heal and nurture my inner child.
  4. I release any pain and trauma from my past.
  5. I forgive myself for any mistakes or perceived shortcomings.
  6. I reclaim my innocence and joy.
  7. I allow myself to play and have fun without judgment.
  8. I listen to the needs and desires of my inner child.
  9. I provide a safe and nurturing space for my inner child to express themselves.
  10. I celebrate my inner child’s creativity and imagination.
  11. I am gentle and patient with myself as I heal.
  12. I acknowledge and validate my inner child’s emotions.
  13. I give myself permission to heal at my own pace.
  14. I am opening myself to receiving love and support.
  15. I connect deeply with my inner child and embrace their uniqueness.
  16. I am ready to let go of hurt from my past.
  17. I allow my inner child to guide me in making choices that align with my true self.
  18. I release any self-imposed limitations and step to my full potential.
  19. I am deserving of love, joy, and abundance.
  20. I trust the wisdom and intuition of my inner child.
  21. I create a loving and nurturing inner dialogue with my inner child.
  22. I cherish and honor my inner child’s needs and desires.
  23. I release any patterns of self-sabotage and embrace self-love.
  24. I celebrate the resilience and strength of my inner child.
  25. I am gentle with myself during times of healing and growth.
  26. I embrace my inner child’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge.
  27. I give myself permission to rest and take care of my inner child’s needs.
  28. I release any fear of vulnerability and embrace my authentic self.
  29. I am cultivating a sense of wonder and awe in my life.
  30. I believe in the process of healing and transformation.
  31. I am open to receiving the support and guidance I need.
  32. I surround myself with loving and nurturing relationships.
  33. I release any self-judgment and embrace self-acceptance.
  34. I nurture and protect my inner child’s innocence and purity.
  35. I am resilient and capable of healing any wounds from my past.
  36. I create healthy boundaries to protect my inner child’s well-being.
  37. I release any need for perfection and embrace self-compassion.
  38. I give myself permission to explore and express my true passions.
  39. I release any feelings of abandonment and embrace a sense of belonging.
  40. I am worthy of love and affection.
  41. I validate and honor my inner child’s emotions without judgment.
  42. I release any negative self-talk and replace it with positive affirmations.
  43. I embrace my inner child’s authenticity and allow it to shine.
  44. I am patient and kind towards myself as I heal and grow.
  45. I let go of control and surrender to the flow of life.
  46. I release any shame or guilt associated with my past experiences.
  47. I am very resilient and capable of overcoming any challenges.
  48. I am deserving of happiness and fulfillment.
  49. I celebrate the uniqueness and individuality of my inner child.
  50. I believe in the wisdom and guidance of my inner child.
  51. I let go of any expectations and allow my inner child to lead me towards joy.
  52. I release any old patterns and create new empowering beliefs.
  53. I am deserving of love and nurturing.
  54. I embrace my inner child’s innocence and vulnerability.
  55. I honor and acknowledge my inner child.
  56. I honor and acknowledge my inner child’s experiences and emotions.
  57. I create a safe and loving space for my inner child to heal.
  58. I embrace the joy and wonder of my inner child’s spirit.
  59. I am giving myself permission to let go of past hurts and embrace a fresh start.
  60. I nurture my inner child’s dreams and aspirations.
  61. I release any self-doubt and embrace my inner child’s confidence.
  62. I connect with my inner child through creativity and playfulness.
  63. I allow myself to experience and express a wide range of emotions.
  64. I cultivate a deep sense of self-love and self-acceptance.
  65. I let go of the need for external validation and find validation within myself.
  66. I believe in my intuition and inner wisdom to guide me on my healing journey.
  67. I celebrate my inner child’s resilience and ability to bounce back from challenges.
  68. I release any feelings of unworthiness and embrace my inherent worth.
  69. I embrace my inner child’s spontaneity and embrace moments of joy and laughter.
  70. I give myself permission to prioritize self-care and nurture my inner child’s needs.
  71. I release any feelings of shame or guilt and replace them with self-forgiveness and compassion.
  72. I embrace my inner child’s unique gifts and talents and share them with the world.
  73. I am open to receiving love and nurturing from others.
  74. I create healthy boundaries to protect my inner child’s emotional well-being.
  75. I let go of the need to please others and prioritize my own happiness.
  76. I am whole, complete, and healed including my inner child.
  77. I trust the process of inner child healing and know that it brings me closer to my authentic self.


Inner child healing is a profound journey of self-discovery, self-compassion, and transformation. By utilizing powerful tools like affirmations and subliminal messaging, and incorporating techniques such as journaling, visualization, and creative expression, you can reconnect with your wounded inner child and facilitate deep healing. 

Nurture your inner child in your daily life, overcome challenges with patience and persistence, and seek support when needed. Embrace the joy and authenticity that come with inner child healing, and celebrate the growth and transformation that unfold along the way.


Q: What is inner child healing? 

Inner child healing is a process that involves acknowledging, understanding, and nurturing the wounded inner child within us. It aims to heal emotional wounds, release limiting beliefs, and foster self-compassion and self-love.

Q: How do affirmations help in healing the inner child? 

Affirmations are positive statements that reprogram the subconscious mind. By consistently affirming empowering beliefs, affirmations help overwrite negative beliefs formed during childhood, supporting inner child healing.

Q: Are subliminal messages effective for inner child healing? 

Subliminal messages can be effective tools for inner child healing. By targeting the subconscious mind, they can reprogram deeply ingrained beliefs and thought patterns that originated in childhood, facilitating profound transformation.

Q: Can inner child healing be achieved without professional help? 

While inner child healing can be embarked upon individually, seeking support from professionals such as therapists or counselors specializing in inner child work can provide guidance, tools, and a safe space for deeper healing.

Q: How long does inner child healing take? 

The duration of inner child healing varies for each individual. It is a gradual process that unfolds over time, requiring patience, persistence, and self-compassion. The timeline for healing depends on the extent of the wounds and the commitment to the healing journey.

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