If you are suicidal!

If the thought of taking your life has crossed your mind at any given moment. You need to be aware of this one reality of life and death. It’s the most bitter truth of our lives and relationships and the people around us. Everyone around you and every person who loves you will recognize how precious and valuable you are when you are gone. They will cry each night and regret each day, blaming themselves for why this happened. Why were they not there when you needed them? They will recall all the loving and beautiful memories of you and curse themselves for not being able to reach out to you. You know why, not just because they love you. 

They definitely love you! But because when someone is gone, we are only left with the most loving and beautiful memories. They will not be thinking about how you have hurt them or the misunderstandings or anything bad because these things are the least of their concerns and were all our problems. It was all because we were the ones who didn’t recognize their love and endurance for us. Because of our inability to see past our tiny minds, we feel like no one cares. Even if we do everything right, still no one is there for us. No one makes an effort to understand us, and after a point in life, we start to feel numb and have a sense of not belonging anywhere to anyone. But it’s not fair to put the responsibility for our happiness and competence on other people. 

It’s not fair to anybody because, at some point, they’re gonna disappoint us and we are gonna disappoint them. At the end of the day, it’s on us to fight our demons. It just takes a little bit of compassion for them and ourselves to overcome any challenge. You are always gonna be at your lowest if you continue to expect others to understand, be there, and support you all the time

They are also struggling; they are also trying their best and still not giving up, but what are you gonna do? You are going to pass on all your hurt, problems, and pain to them. Leaving them alone to handle and cope with everything, handle their lives without support, love, and all your memories and pain. What are they gonna do then? Be brave, and don’t ever give up. Do everything you can. It’s life. Make something out of it while you can. It’ll anyway end at some point in time. Cherish all the bits and pieces of love and the people you love while you can. Don’t even think about passing your pain to the ones you love, and remember, even if you can’t see it, they love you.

Many people around us are struggling, but knowing and understanding that doesn’t help. Yet it can surely give us purpose. Humans are designed to be social because it makes us feel safe on the subconscious level. All the dark thoughts can slowly go away if we all can just start to serve and live a little bit for that. 

Every human being can understand that when you are going through something, you are the only one who can understand and feel what it’s like. During those moments of darkness, just a little bit of validation and motivation can bring that light back for many of us. It’s sad how we experience these things, and surely there are far worse things happening around the world right now, but the mental health of each individual is still as important. 

Do you know why people bring up the topic of others having it worse? It’s never to belittle how you feel or say that your pain or suffering is invalid. The meaning behind it is to get your attention to serving others. Our mind thrives in helping others.

There’s a tiny detail it will allow you to notice a pattern if you can notice the more we start to suffer and experience pain, the more we shift from “We” and “Our” to using “I,” “Me,” and “My.” We become extremely self-centered in ways that are harmful to us. If we never separate ourselves from the people we love, intrusive thoughts like “no one care,” “no one loves me,” “nothing matters,” “no one will notice if I am gone,” and “nobody’s ever gonna think about me,” and these thoughts are only gonna get darker from here. The only way to get rid of thoughts like these and worse is to start loving in ways that prioritize the best interests of the one you love. 

All the resentments we experience in our relationships are caused because we let our loved ones feel we don’t care about their happiness. No matter how much we care, it’s what they feel. 

Would you ever think about ending it all if you could feel supported and loved? A lot of intrusive thoughts can not exist if you just decide to live with the purpose of serving and believing that everyone around is a part of you. 

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