Do you want to use manifestation for money? Do you find manifestation techniques difficult and tedious to do? Then Loa Lab is here for you!

Using manifestation for money and that too with convenience! It’s definitely one thing we should be focusing on because manifesting something should always be light and fun and high vibe.

If you already understand the law of attraction and know about the several manifestation techniques out there then you’d already know that most of the manifestation techniques are not really convenient. And manifestation is supposed to be fun then why the manifestation techniques are tedious to do?

We don’t know the answer to the why because those who have invented all those manifestation techniques, for example, 369 or 555 manifestation techniques are not really known for inventing those techniques. All the techniques are there and just provided by the people who tried and manifested using those said techniques.

We can even use manifestation for money without actually doing a specific manifestation technique to manifest money. Because The Law Of Attraction or the Manifestation doesn’t really require you to do a technique physically because it’s our mind and soul with which we actually manifest. No! we are not just gonna talk about thinking positive thoughts about money.

manifestation for money

3 Ways To Use Manifestation For Money

Before we move forward, let me inform you that this is not some instant manifestation tricks and tips. We are getting very real about using manifestation for money and that too conveniently.

Focus on the things you want other than money:

Hear me out before coming to a conclusion! Think about it why do you want more money? Maybe because you want to buy the things you have been thinking about. Or to improve your lifestyle to the next level. Maybe you want a better secure life. Maybe you feel like you will get more respect and your self-worth will increase if you are making more money.

It’s all maybe from here but you know in your mind what you really want. And if you are focusing on all those things that you feel like money will bring into your life then we’ll be indirectly manifesting money without actually doing any technique. This is an indirect approach to using manifestation for money.

But it is powerful because it takes out the negative scenarios you might have been making in your head or any blockages you might have. After all, you are not at all focused on the money itself but you are focusing on the things that money is going to bring into your life.

Use Of Money Subliminals And Affirmations:

This one is a no-brainer because by far the Subliminals and affirmations are the most convenient to use manifestation for money and also to manifest literally anything. Specially subliminals!

Let’s talk about the affirmations first, and how conveniently you can use them to manifest money. You can make your own affirmation or pick a few money affirmations available online that suit you the most and the ones that make you feel a connection to the affirmation emotionally. Record them in your voice and listen to them every day. And if you don’t want to record affirmations in your voice then another option is, you can find many YouTube channels posting audio affirmations around many different topics including money and you can listen to them every day.

If you decide to use subliminal to manifest money then can you can easily make your own subliminal anything don’t know how to make a subliminal you can find and read a subliminal making guide for that. And if you don’t want to do it by yourself then you can use the money subliminal below.

And Subliminals are so convenient that you can even listen to them as you are reading this blog post or doing anything actually.

Start Chasing Value And Convenience Instead Of Money:

We are not really talking about chasing your own convenience but actually, here we are thinking about chasing the value you can provide conveniently and talking about the convenience you can provide. And today the world is all about convenience and if you could provide convenience to the people then money will follow you. Because people will happily pay you for the convenience and value you provide. And you would say now that this doesn’t sound like using manifestation for money but this sounds more like a business idea.

If you want to use manifestation for money you will have to use your mind and the help of the universe to inspire business ideas in your mind because money is the means for the exchange of values. And if you are spending all your time on the active value exchange you are more likely not to make as much money compared to when you can offer passive value that people can exchange for money. So this way you are using manifestation directly for the ideas, inspiration, creativity, and knowledge and indirectly using the manifestation for money.

Here’s Some More Resources On Manifesting Money


Money is essentially a tool or a tool to buy luxury a tool to buy safety and a tool to buy value. And if you are using manifestation directly to manifest a tool instead of actually manifesting the things you really desire then it will totally depends on your mindset if you will be able to manifest it or not.

But when you are focusing on manifesting your heart’s desire doing the things you need to do and you are this time to do in this world then the manifestation for money will automatically start to work effortlessly and conveniently you will be able to manifest money. And that is why it is best to use convenient manifestation options instead of spending all your time doing tedious manifestation tasks. And now you can reach your Conclusion and comment on what you think about money manifestation.


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