how to manifest someone

How To Manifest Someone Without Obsessing Over Them?

Being able to manifest someone in your life sounds really cool and having that kind of influence over someone else’s feels like real power. But how to manifest someone without really obsessing over them? Because the ways and manifestation techniques Law of Attraction books and blogs or videos suggests might end up making you feel more obsessed with a person even if you don’t want to get obsessed with them. 

how to manifest someone

Manifestation really works in mysterious ways. Sometimes when you are not focusing on something and not obsessing over something it manifests a lot quicker and when you are really focused on manifesting something it seems to get pushed farther away. 

This is especially true when there is another person or a party involved that also has as much free will as you. 

And focusing on thinking positive thoughts about that relationship with them or being able to match their vibrations is not going to be enough to manifest someone you like. Because they also have dreams, desires, will, and resistance. So how do you manifest someone? 

How To Manifest Someone Without Making The Manifestation About Them?

So how do you manifest someone without obsessing over them? The answer is to manifest them in a way that makes the manifestation about you. 

I know, I know, this might sound like another focus on yourself lecture. But hear me out on this one.

When you are trying to manifest a person into your life and they don’t seem to be showing up as quickly as you would like, then try focusing on yourself and your own happiness. And it’s not just like when you feel good about yourself and your life, then the universe will begin to deliver that person into your life. There’s also a great psychological angle to it.

The Psychological Effect On The Others Of You Shifting Your Focus To Your

When you are focusing on yourself, enjoying your freedom, and being happy in your own company. Then that makes other people around you want to become part of that Joy ride of yours. 

And on the other hand, when you are obsessing over someone forgetting your own life, your own self, and your own desires, then it makes you seem needy. And when others see you as a needy person they feel like if they will choose to be there for you or around you it will cost them their freedom. Because then you will always be needing time and attention and they will not have as much fun left in their life. 

And this leaves you there with a responsibility to create a balance between yourself and your desire to manifest someone special you really want in your life. That is exactly what you need to do and the ideas and perspective you are about to explore are going to help you learn how to manifest someone and motivate you to focus on yourself.

But how do you focus on yourself when there is someone else on your mind all the time? 

There is no easy answer to this question because each situation is going to be different but one thing we can all agree on is that healthily focusing on ourselves is much more important than focusing on someone else in a way that could be considered unhealthy. 

How To Manifest Someone Without Going Crazy Over Them?

It can be hard to focus on ourselves when someone we want so badly seems so far away from us or doesn’t seem like they want us back or any other excuse we can come up with for why they aren’t with us yet. And it’s even harder to focus on our own happiness when we need another person’s approval or acceptance before we allow ourselves happiness or self-love.

What if the person you want to be with is not the right person for you?

What if your desire for them is based on your own ego and insecurity?

What if the love you feel for them is not true love but an illusion that is meant to keep you from finding someone better suited to you?

What if they are not even capable of loving anyone, let alone themselves? 

What if they make you feel bad about yourself or what if they make other people feel bad about themselves in order to feel good about themselves?

No matter what the reason, remember that we deserve happiness and self-love, and feeling good about ourselves no matter what happens or who we are with will help us focus on ourselves and our own happiness. 

When you focus on being happy regardless of whether you are with someone or not, then it will be easier for you to find someone because you won’t be looking for someone who can make you happy but instead looking for someone who can add happiness to your life. You will no longer be settling but rather allowing your hearts to open up and lead you in the direction of a fulfilling relationship. 

What do I do when I’m feeling down about myself or my life in general?

Is it ok to indulge those feelings sometimes?

What do I do when I think my life sucks or that there’s something wrong with me?

How do I get over these feelings without allowing them to ruin me forever?  

These questions are very important because sometimes we need to take a step back and realize that we are feeling down because of something that happened in the past or something that isn’t even happening now.  We have to learn how to deal with those feelings without letting them get the best of us, otherwise, they will continue to haunt us and make us feel like we never deserve anything good.

The first step is to allow yourself to feel down about whatever it is you are feeling down about for a little while.

Don’t try to ignore it or pretend like it’s not there. Allow yourself the time and space to process whatever it is you are going through and don’t be afraid to cry if you need to.

After you have spent some time being upset, wallowing in self-pity, being angry or sad, then ask yourself why you are feeling this way? What is making you feel this way? Write these things down in your journal so that you can remember what made you feel this way later on when you start feeling better.

Once you have figured out why you feel this way, try your best not to judge yourself for feeling this way because no matter what anyone says or does, the only person who knows how you really feel is you. So if someone else tries telling you how you should be feeling then tell them “thank you but no thanks” because only you know how you should be feeling and your emotions are a part of who you are and why would you want to change who you truly are?

Now try the “Act as if technique” but in a different way to manifest someone

So act as if you know that you are going to get into a relationship with the person you desire and it is just a matter of time. And you gotta enjoy each in every moment you can get because once you are in a relationship you will have to give your time and attention to the person you love. And then you might also need to adjust your personal space so enjoy it all as much as you can while it lasts. 

So once you are doing the “act as if” with that mindset, it will help you to get into that vibrational energy of being ready for a relationship. And once you show the universe that you are ready and enjoying every bit of time even single then it will send that relationship to you. 

Some Resources To Help You Manifest Someone Special’s Love

Final thoughts,

Manifesting anything is a lot about the mindset. Because what we feel and how we feel reflects a lot on our actions and surroundings. And people around us can sense all our emotions through our reactions and actions and then they choose how they want to react to that depending on how they are feeling with all connected. And if you want to change something you will have to start the change with yourself. So now you know how to manifest someone, all you have to do is three things – focus on yourself, work on the mindset shift we talked about, and do the act-as-if technique.

You can also refer to this article by EverydayHealth to understand the effect of self-esteem in relationships from a social psychological standpoint.

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