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How To Manifest Money Without Work? 2 Perfect Solution

I was browsing through my Reddit feed when I saw the question “How To Manifest Money Without Working?” and the first thought that came to my mind was what kind of mentality someone would have to even think like that. But when I separated myself from my judgy side I was able to understand the true meaning and intention behind this question.

And as I was reading the answers in that Reddit thread I realized that it’s actually possible to manifest money without working and it’s not at all wrong to wonder and think about how to manifest money without even lifting a finger.

Actually manifesting money should be that way only. Money should flow in and you should be able to live and enjoy life. No one deserves to keep worrying about how they’ll be able to pay their bills for next month. Or how they’ll be able to arrange food for their next meal.

And actions are definitely part of the manifestation process but if you feel like you’ll have to throw away everything just to work really hard for a minimum wage then that’s totally unfair and you deserve to live a good life.

So if you are asking how to manifest money without a job or without needing to work so much that you end up spending all your life just to work then it’s obvious that anyone would be wondering if it is possible to manifest money without working so much.

It’s indeed possible because you know there are so many people working just for a few hours and making a hefty amount of money. And from all I have studied about manifestation and also what I’ve learned through the experiences of other people, I am sharing these 2 perfect solutions for you if you were wondering how do I manifest money!

How To Manifest Money Without A Job Or Work?

Before I continue to talk about those 2 solutions to answer the question how do you manifest money, you will have understand that 90% of the work will need to be done on the mindset, mental, and spiritual level if you want manifest money without even lifting a finger.

It’s not a trick or spell or like abracadabra stuff, it’s real and it’s how everything works. You either work hard every day, grinding, pushing, sacrificing or you make up your mind and will work every time you are presented with a choice or life changing small choices on a daily basis. It’s where everything’s at!

Realize And Understand Your Worth Is In Millions

There’s nothing to be imagined, visualize or pretend. Your actual real worth is in the millions. You have all the knowledge, and skills, you have something unique that only you are capable of accomplishing. But you are always sabotaging it because it takes a lot more mental energy from you than you are used to or willing to give.

I’ve noticed it several times that it all comes down to the willpower and mental energy we use. Anything, any task, any opportunity, and choice, any decision, doesn’t matter if it’s small or big, if it’ll require more mental energy and willpower then as humans we tend to drop it.

You know what willpower and mental energy I am talking about. Remember all the times you didn’t do something that you knew your gut was perfect and right for you but you didn’t do it because it was too much for you? Whether it was keeping yourself composed at a moment which was really important & one wrong move could change everything. Or overcoming that procrastination, pushing through your willpower to continue doing what you know might feel difficult at the moment but it’s right for you.

You’ve been saving all that mental energy, saving that willpower or exhausting your willpower quota every day on unnecessary things and keep yourself in the comfort, it all takes a toll.

Once you will realize and understand your worth you’ll never waste even a little of that willpower or mental energy. And use it all and push even harder to do what’s best for you, what is right for you.

So go out there and act, be what your real worth is, meet people, exchange ideas, believe and embody that character, that real you. Practice it daily and you’ll notice how things are changing because every little decision, action and choice counts.

This World Runs With Value, Give Value

Money is how this world measures the value of everything. Before money was a thing, everything used to be valued in exchange or in relation to something else. Barters, favors, and trades are still a thing. You just need to have the understanding to utilize them.

And if you want to manifest money focus on value. The more value you’ll put out in the world the more value you’ll get in return. If you continue to think that you’ll do your job & get paid for it, and the trade is closed there. Then it’s going to stay that way.

But if you continue to put out more and more value, you’ll continue to get rewarded in form of gestures, recommendations, words and more. Never forget that every action, every act, every little thing can provide value.

Be generous with your efforts, kindness, words, smiles, and gestures, put out the value in the word and don’t just work for money. Because in most cases you are actually working and doing things for people and they are rewarding you. And if you are only working for money, thinking little about people then you are giving too much value to money.

And since money is not a living breathing entity it can’t really reward you. So if you are asking yourself how do I manifest money then you need to change the question and ask yourself how do I give value to this world and the people.

Practicing, kindness, and gratitude, repeating positive affirmations for abundance and success can help you shift your beliefs and manifest money by shifting your focus from money to value.

Some More Manifestation Resources For Manifesting Money

If you want you can also try some subliminals from Loa Lab’s YouTube channel to help you stay productive and creative. If you don’t have much time to repeat affirmations, you can always try subliminal. Right now I am using success subliminal.

Unstoppable Success Subliminal | Ultimate Successful Life With A Touch Of Luck

And now you know how to manifest money without a job or without work but not without effort. But surely those efforts will feel effortless because then you’ll not be spending all your time working hard and doing the same tasks. And eventually, everything will change.

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