how to manifest job

How To Manifest Job You’ll Never Hate In 6 Steps?

I believe how to manifest job that you’ll not end up hating is the real question because manifesting job isn’t difficult at all if you are really setting your mind to get a job. But the real deal is when you are focusing your energy to manifest job that you’ll love and feel fulfilled continuing to work on the same thing every single day.

It is extremely draining to wake up and work a job that you hate and a job that doesn’t feel fulfilling to you. And if you love your job because you are working on something you enjoy and care about but that job is still not fulfilling then you still might want to change that.

how to manifest job

How To Manifest Job In 6 Steps?

We don’t want you to work a job you hate so without wasting even a second anymore let’s get to the steps to manifest job you’ll love and feel happy with.

Step 1. Visualize what that job looks like

Imagine waking up happy and excited to go to work because you know that when you get to your workplace you’ll be appreciated and valued because the job you are working right now is aligned with your values, and interests. And the work is as easy as breathing for you because your talent is the best fit for that job. Your heart is so warm because you are also getting paid really well to be able to meet all your personal and financial goals.

That’s what a fulfilling job looks like that you’ll never hate because you are doing what you love. And you don’t have to worry about sacrificing your personal joys and wishes for paying bills.

Visualizing and painting a whole picture of what your dream job looks like is a very important step to manifest job because this will help you understand what you want in your job. And knowing exactly what you want is going to get you 50% closer to it. So to manifest job of your dream visualize it every single day.

Step 2. Make 3 Lists

You might ask why 3 lists? Creating these 3 lists I am going to tell you about will not only give you even more clarity but it will also get you 20% more closer to manifest job you are going to love.

The first list is going to be the list of gratitude. In this list are going to write down the things you are grateful for in your current job. Gratitude is very important because the sense of gratitude helps us to look are the positive side of things.

The second list is going to be a list where you need to write down all the things you are good at and you enjoy working at. Things that no one can do better than you because you are so passionate about them that you never feel bored or tired doing those things. One of the things from this list is going to definitely align with the job you desire.

And the third list is going to be the list of things you need from the job and also the things you desire in your dream job. This will add further clarity for you to manifest job you really want.

Step 3. Believe

Believing not only in the universe but you will also have to believe in yourself that you deserve to work on the job that you love and get paid enough. You will also need to believe in your talent and in your uniqueness and your abilities.

Doing affirmations can help you with that if you are not naturally able to believe that you really deserve the job you are dreaming about. You can use 55 Powerful Affirmations For Dream Job. Doing positive affirmations are also going to help you feel good, positive, and hopeful most of the time. You can also use dream job subliminal instead of affirmations.

Step 4. Open your mind to opportunities And Signs

The universe always sends opportunities on our way and the signs to get ready. So you will have to keep your mind and eyes open but that doesn’t mean you need to keep looking for signs.

Now that you have a vision and bring clarity and you are also increasing positivity in your life through affirmations and gratitude you are almost 90% closer to your journey to manifest job you’ll love. This also means that you will have to get ready to leave behind the job you hate. So you will have to start making ways for more opportunities to come to you.

Step 5. Start Planing And Break The Pattern

Planning is as important as believing, feeling grateful, and opening your mind to opportunities. Because without a plan you don’t know which direction to go and which path to follow. If you have any doubt action plan for you to guide your next moves it will become so much easier for you to move forward.

And in order to move forward, you will need to break the patterns. The pattern of landing the same types of jobs over and over again. Or the pattern of settling for low payroll for adjusting your values and work environment that doesn’t align with your values. Or the pattern of lack of inspiration and motivation to bring the change in your life. Now you are 95% closer to manifest job you are going to find fulfilling and love doing.

Step 6. Start preparing and taking actions

Opportunities are going to come and go if you are not prepared to take advantage of them. You might be thinking why this is the sixth step when the fourth step is already talking about opening the mind to the opportunities and signs. Because with an open mind you also need preparation, only opening up your mind to signs and opportunities is not going to land you the job of your dreams.

And after completing all the four steps this is going to be a lot easier because you are now aligned with your goal to manifest job. And this step is going to feel so much easier because it is all going to be actions that are inspired from within. You’ll be 99% closer to manifesting job of your dreams.

This productivity subliminal can also help you to take inspired actions a lot more easily.

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Final thoughts on how to manifest job

You are already 99% close to manifesting job of your dreams, now you might ask where’s that 1%? That one percent is going to happen when you let go of all the resistance and trust the universe that your dream job offer is coming in your life. And at this point, it is actually that, and actually, you might have already manifested it if you have completed all these 6 steps. And if you haven’t yet then keep patience it’s manifesting for you.

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