vision board on phone, how to make vision board on phone

How To Make Vision Board On Phone – 3 New Creative Ways

Creating a vision board on phone is a very fun and easy way to use a vision board for manifestation. And it can also be a more effective manifestation tool than the regular vision boards. First, we will compare how the traditional method of creating a vision board is different than making a vision board on your phone, kind of weighing the pros & cons. Then will get to the new interesting ways to create a vision board on your phone.

vision board on phone, how to make vision board on phone

Difference Between Vision Board On Phone & A Physical Vision Board

Vision Board On Phone


  1. You will always have your vision board with you because most of us keep our phones with us all the time.
  2. You look at the vision board more often.
  3. Making a vision board on your phone can cost a lot less compared to a regular vision board, you can actually create a vision board on your phone for free if you are willing to spend more time clicking pictures and searching for images online.
  4. It is more sustainable because you are not going to be using paper or other things to create your vision board.
  5. All Your manifestation goals will stay private.


  1. Since it is easy to make a vision board on your phone you might end up changing and making new vision boards often.
  2. At the moment there aren’t many good apps available at the moment to create a vision board on your phone.

Physical Vision Board


  1. You can physically feel and engage in the process of creating each part of your vision board that will make it more energetically charged.
  2. The process of creating a physical vision board will also allow creative energy to flow through your mind.
  3. Creating a physical vision board requires some amount of investment which will motivate you to stay committed to your vision and manifestation.
  4. You can physically see your manifestations coming through because you can easily put a checkmark whenever something from that vision board comes true.


  1. You might spend more time away from your room or wherever you have set up your vision board if so you might not be able to look at it more often.
  2. Everyone around your home will know about your manifestation goals if you don’t have much privacy in your room.

How To Make A Vision Board On Your Phone

Once you have collected all the pictures, affirmations, and quotes that relate to your manifestation goals. You are ready to make your vision board on phone. You can either use Pinterest or Google for Instagram to find beautiful aesthetic images. Because the more creative your vision borders the more likely you will feel that creative energy. Now let’s get into the three methods for creating a vision board on phone.

Also, if you are making a vision board for personal use and you will not be sharing them online then you don’t need to worry about the usage terms and copyright on the images. If you do plan to share them online ever then it will be better to use copyright free images.

1. Comic Style Collage Vision Board

This is the most interesting and creative way to make a vision board on your phone. Using for creating this type of vision board is the best option because with other apps you might not be able to drag and drop images in the comic format.

Canva has image frames in many different shapes, so it will be easy to create a comic-style base format. You can easily resize your comic-style vision board base according to your phone screen size. Then you can drag and drop your images and write your affirmation and quotes easily.

You can make it very aesthetic by including images of different places you desire to visit. You can also add glamping or camping images, your dream home, your dream college/school, dresses and so on. Anything you want can be added to as an art-style image in this type of vision board.

2. Sticky Note Style Vision Board

If you want your vision board to be more colorful and also contain more affirmations and text compared to images then you can make a sticky notes style vision board for your phone. This type of vision board is also going to be great to inspire more productivity because the use of sticky notes subliminally influences your mind to stay more organized and productive.

To create the format for this vision board you will need to download different colors of sticky note PNG images. You can also experiment by adding different sizes of sticky notes pNG to your vision board format. Once your format is ready according to your style and vibe.

You can add text and paste your images around them. You can use icon size small images for it along with affirmations and quotes. Or you can dedicate a portion of sticky notes two speakers and images and then one portion for writing text.

3. Keyword Aesthetic Vision Board

Creating a keyword aesthetic vision board is also very easy to make on phone. Unlike the comic-style vision board, you will not need to use canva or any other web app for this. However, you can use canva or a web app, or a phone app depending on your convenience.

All you need to do is just select keywords related to your manifestation. By keyword, I mean one or two words related to your manifestation that can act as trigger words for you. For example, if you are adding an all-inclusive vacation to Greece for 5 days and 4 nights, the keyword will be Greece Vacation. And write and stack these keywords in the bold big text over the sides of the aesthetic image. The texts can be slightly on the image.

You can design and adjust the combination of images and keywords along with some aesthetic patterns. And make it look like a scrapbook page like vision board but for the phone.

More Manifestation Resources

You can also learn how to make a regular vision board for manifestation.

Final thoughts

Creating a vision board on your phone can give you a huge amount of freedom to be creative. So make use of fit and you can also easily download online available vision board templates or you can actually create your own template so you can easily switch up whenever you want. The goal is to have fun as you create the vision board on phone.

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