How To Find Inspiration? 4 Easy Things That Work For Me

how to find inspiration

It’s actually a must to learn how to find inspiration on a daily basis for everyone. Because a lot of the things we do in our daily life definitely require a massive amount of inspiration and motivation.

People say that inspiration can strike anytime anywhere but the problem with that is it’s not going to be consistent. And if we continue to wait for inspiration to strike then you don’t even know how long it will take. And inspiration is essential for creativity but consistency is necessary for success.

I actually wish that I was taught how to find inspiration as a kid, actually, the art of finding inspiration and motivation should be a part of school education. Because the number of essays and assignments kids are required to do these days can take a toll on their mental health with a lack of inspiration.

How To Find Inspiration When You Need It

Believe In Your Subconscious

I am not certain if this sounds cliche to you or not. If it does sound cliche still stay and bear with me because in order to get inspiration it’s absolutely essential. You know our subconscious mind is always listening and picking up words, ideas, and habits all the time as we are navigating through life. And the majority of the time we are not aware of the things our subconscious is picking up.

So trust your subconscious mind has lots and lots of amazing, incredible ideas, thoughts, and pieces of information stored in it. And they all will surface in the conscious mind at the right time but when you are patient.

So believe in your subconscious mind to deliver ideas and inspiration whenever you need them. And the only trick to accessing them is to stay calm and believe that your mind is capable of an unlimited amount of inspiration and you are capable of finding inspiration in a blink.

If you’ll continue to panic or focus on the lack of inspiration then your subconscious mind will also continue to believe that, sidelining all the great things that are already stored somewhere in your mind.

Start Thinking And Writing:

As you already know that your subconscious mind is always updating with information, forming and picking up ideas, and beliefs, you just need to access them. So thinking and writing are one way to accomplish that.

If you find it difficult to get inspired or maintain the consistency of the inspiration then thinking and writing is a great tool. Because we think all the time and thoughts actually never stop but when we sit at the table to work, write, or paint, it’s all crickets, complete silence in the head. To battle that you need to build a habit to write your thoughts as they come.

You can have a dedicated note app or notebook for that. Or you can also take the simple old-school route and note it down every time an idea pops up in your head.

For me, the old-school method of keeping a notebook and writing every time an idea pops up doesn’t really work because I always get the best thoughts when I am in the middle of watching something, like a movie, series, or YouTube video. And sometimes when I am eating something. And I always promise myself to note it later but then I forget about writing it down.

And having a random thinking and writing session works better for me because it helps me develop the habit of writing and prevents the silent head situation when I get to work.

It’s really a great win for those who require inspiration for writing or whose work is closely related to writing. And if you are an artist, you can still write descriptions of your art idea, your learning, techniques, and so on.

Don’t Be Your Biggest Critic:

There are already many people out there who will readily be available to criticize you to the point that can make you cry. You don’t need to criticize yourself to that extent and then fall asleep crying.

Instead, focus on being your biggest and best cheerleader. Encourage yourself and your ideas if you want to find inspiration. Because motivation can come from criticism but inspiration and creativity can only come from a place of love and appreciation. Appreciate your work, and your ideas, and be excited and enthusiastic about them.

And if there are people around you who cannot see and believe in your vision then don’t really give value to those negative opinions because they are just that, opinions. Because they can’t see what you can and they don’t know and understand what you know. This doesn’t mean that you should distance yourself from everyone who criticizes or doesn’t agree with you. Because at the end of the day people who love you only have good intentions for you. good intentions for you.

So respect the opinions of people around you but that doesn’t mean that you need to listen to them all the time.

Protect Your Mental & Spiritual Energy:

This point might not seem as important or as significant to you but it’s very crucial. How you will be able to get inspiration if you are feeling deprived, tired, and low.

Protecting your mental and spiritual energy can look like saying “No” to the things you don’t want to do or commit to. Saying “No” can sometimes feel scary or emotionally overwhelming sometimes, especially when you feel like you can possibly get a difficult response from the other party but stay strong and do it anyway. Because that little discomfort will build a strong foundation of honesty and peace for you and even your relationships with people around you.

In other words, it’s also called setting boundaries.

How To Make Finding Inspiration Easy?

It’s actually quite easy to get inspired and find inspiration. The only time finding inspiration feels difficult is when you are looking to find inspiration from other people’s work. Because most of the time you’ll end up copying a lot of their ideas instead of just taking inspiration and making it work in your own way.

But if you feel like inspiration is not striking from within then what you can do is combine multiple sources of inspiration and then add your creativity to it. That way even your perspective and creativity will expand and you’ll never run out of inspiration, ideas, concepts, or content.

Affirmation Resources To Help You Tap Into Inspiration Faster

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Final Takeaway

If you want to take away something, it’s not to force yourself when you are not feeling inspired, instead just trust yourself that inspiration is there and it’s going to surface soon. Meanwhile, you can take a few steps to preserve your energy and indulge in some creative habits or read some positive affirmations or stories that can inspire you.

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