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Gratitude Manifestation – How To Use LOA At Your Lowest?

The easiest way to manifest anything is through gratitude manifestation. If you’ve been on your lowest and don’t know what to do then the best way to start manifesting again is through gratitude manifestation.

The concept of manifesting with gratitude is simple yet people underestimate the power gratitude holds. You can literally manifest anything with gratitude. Gratitude and manifestation actually go hand in hand.

Hitting the lowest point in your life doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t get back up and it doesn’t also mean that you have done anything wrong. The anger, disappointment, and losing hope are understandable when we experience things in life that feel unfair. But a few unfateful events should not stop you from being able to live the best life you deserve.

But if you continue to stay in that same energy of anger and resentment, hitting the lowest is bound to happen but there’s the only way is way up from there.

How Gratitude Manifestation Works?

Let’s try to understand this with an example: Do you like to go to beauty salons and grooming salons once in a while. And there is some beauty salon that always overcharges you and the employees there are also very demanding and ask you to always give positive ratings and ask for tips and they don’t pay much attention to your convenience.

Then there is a beauty salon where they don’t charge as much, all the employees are extremely polite and kind, take care of your needs and ask for tea or coffee, never pressure you to give positive feedback and rating or never ask for tips. But always provides you with the best services regardless of how you tip or not tip.

Now think about how it makes you feel, you’ll automatically feel like vising more to the salon with great service and tip more generously as well as giving positive reviews. You might also recommend them to your friends and family.

And you’ll never feel like visiting the other beauty salon at all.

You’ll always be inclined towards value and kindness. The same universe and the world is also inclined to give more to those who show gratitude and give value to the world irrespective of what they are being given.

When we keep asking for more and more without expressing gratitude for things we already have and the things we are getting, it’s obvious that things are not going to get better unless we change.

How To Use Gratitude And Manifestation To Change Things

Writing a gratitude journal will be the last thing I’ll suggest because trying hard to stick to writing a gratitude journal won’t help if you are not really able to feel gratitude. If you would still like to write a gratitude journal then I have an article for you How To Write A Gratitude Journal – 5 Epic Ideas

When you are at your lowest you might not be able to recognize the great things you already have or express gratitude for small things with all the negative emotions and resentment you’ve been feeling towards universe. Here are a few blog posts that can help you find the things you can genuinely feel grateful for without resentment.

You can also use gratitude affirmations or gratitude subliminal. Loa Lab have also made a gratitude boosters subliminal that can be really helpful to manifest anything with gratitude. This gratitude subliminal has all the affirmations available here: Gratitude Affirmations – Start Your Day With Gratitude

Final Thoughts

The best way to manifest with the law of attraction is with gratitude manifestation. Gratitude is the root and main reason behind all the good that can happen with us. If we can learn anything from our social interactions it’s the impact gratitude and kindness have. It’s really rare that you will not get something you request with a polite attitude and when you’ll always get more when you express gratitude.

You can actually practically see it in all the hospitality services and actually anywhere. The way you treat other people and interact with them can literally change your whole experience.

If you haven’t ever tried maintaining a gratitude journal then this is a must read for you How To Write A Gratitude Journal – 5 Epic Ideas

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