Epic Fact About Silent Subliminals Will Blow Your Mind

silent subliminals

You’ll definitely be mind blown after learning these facts about silent subliminals. These are intense and are definitely going to amaze you and might as well change how you use subliminals. First we will get straight to these silent subliminal facts then I’ll share how silent subliminals are made. Then you’ll also get to understand how does silent subliminal work for you!

I know you must be more curious to know if you can’t hear the subliminal at all then how it will even work. Because we already know that audio subliminal means positive suggestions and affirmations are layered with other audios to or sounds to mask the sound of those suggestions making them subliminal stimuli.

silent subliminals

4 Facts About Silent Subliminals

1. Your Subconscious Mind Can’t Really Filter Out The Subliminal Suggestion: No matter much you believe that you have the power to control what goes past your conscious mind’s filtration and resistance, its’ not how it works. If your subconscious mind had the power to choose then it would have already made a choice to only allow and retain beliefs that you consciously desire.

2. Silent Subliminals are not actually silent: It’s a fact, they are just appearing silent to you because they are really below your hearing threshold even without much loud noise, music, or any nature sounds. But as you continue to increase the volume to the subliminal then you’ll start to hear some suggestions as noises.

3. Silent Subliminals are a lot more effective: Subliminals, where you can somewhat hear the first or the loudest layer of affirmations, might not be as effective as silent Subliminals.

4. There was a myth going around for a while that only silent Subliminals work: During the year 2013-14 when subliminal was gaining a lot of attention in the self-help community. Many used to believe that only type of Subliminal work where you can’t hear the affirmations at all. And if you can hear them even a little then those will not work. Which is not true. Subliminal is a hypnosis method so it works even if you can somewhat hear the suggestions.

How Silent Subliminal Is Made?

Making silent subliminal is also just as easy as making a regular subliminal. The only difference is when you are making a regular subliminal you’ll be working with many layers of audio to mask the sound of subliminal suggestions. But with silent subliminal you won’t be able to hear anything even without other audios. Now let’s get to the steps for making the silent subliminal.

  1. Record your positive affirmations and suggestions normally as you would record your usual affirmations. Just make sure there are no negative words used such as “not, don’t, never, no, etc”. This step is a must for making any subliminal.
  2. Remove noise and any click/pop sounds.
  3. Then convert your affirmations audio file to 192000hz.
  4. Now use nyquist prompt to change the modulation carrier frequency to 17500. (You can easily learn how to use audacity and also need to learn nyquist prompt code for subliminal).

There you have your silent subliminal. It is also important to note that you might not find effective silent subliminal on YouTube that works because YouTube’s server processes the videos uploaded to make them streamable online which can easily affect the subliminal layer.

You can try Loa Lab’s subliminals, if you wish to experiment how usual YouTube subliminals work for you.

How Does Silent Subliminals Work?

Even though you can’t hear the affirmations and subliminal suggestions at all, they still work because they are there. And in fact they work so well because you are not aware that your mind, thoughts, and actions are being influenced.

Once you are aware that your mind and actions are being influenced purposefull then your conscious mind can create resistance.

We all use affirmations and they still work even with resistance but they take longer and we need to choose them carefully to be able to believe them. But when using silent subliminal, you completely bypass that resistance.

You can still add music to these subliminal audios or any preferable peaceful noises for a good listening experience. Also, when the subliminal is silent it opens up the possibility to be used with guided meditation, guided hypnosis, sleep sounds and so on.

You can also read these blog post about Subliminals if you wish to use subliminal as self-help tool.

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