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How To Get The Best Out Of Beauty With Brains Subliminal

Using a beauty with brains subliminal is one of the simplest ways to glow up into a person who’s as genius as beautiful or as handsome as they are. Yes! you read that right. Anyone can use the beauty with brains subliminal regardless of which gender they identify with.

The Controversy Behind The Compliment

Even though the use of the phrase “beauty with brains” was started as a compliment for women with the intention to appreciate the combination of beauty and brains.

But later the positives of this compliment turned into negative as some misogynistic people started to use the phrase more in a sarcastic way. Which fueled the fire more between misogynistic and feminist people.

Be it male or female, no one wants to be known for just being the beauty or being objectified. Saying to someone that their worth is going to be measured by one thing and one thing only is wrong for both.

That’s why all the affirmations for this subliminal are gender-neutral. There are some words like, grace-graceful, divine, beauty-beautiful, charm-charming, are used in the affirmations but these words are not necessarily feminine in nature. You can give meaning and energy to these words with your interpretation and visualization.

How To Use The Beauty With Brains Subliminal

There are many layers of subliminal affirmations that are included in this subliminal so it is advised to use this subliminal consciously. This also includes a mini booster and some self-love affirmations to support the results.

You will likely start seeing results right after the first session of listening to this subliminal. Now let’s get to the steps on how to listen to beauty with brains sub to get the most out of it without exhausting your mind.

  • It is important that you relax and allow your mind to open up to subliminal suggestions. Subliminals are a lot like hypnosis and for a hypnosis to work for you, you need to let go of any skepticism.
  • Now, you can listen to this subliminal in multiple small sessions during your day or listen in one long subliminal session at night.
  • Short subliminal session can look like listening to multiple subliminal for 10-15 minutes and a long focused subliminal session looks like, listening to one subliminal on loop for 30-60 minutes. (Using multiple subliminals on multiple topics can feel overwhelming for some people to it’s best to divide it into sesstions like this.
  • Many people in the subliminal community believe that subliminals can effectively work just after listening once and for many people it does. But it’s up to you for how long you want to listen to the subliminal.
  • The more you will listen to the subliminal the more these suggestions will have an impact on your mind and belief system. So keep listening to them as long as you feel the need. It can be a week, a month or 6 months. It’s your choice.
  • You can also include visualization to help subliminal work faster. Visualizing yourself will help your mind understand how you want to see yourself glow up. It will help you design your persona for you.

Beauty And Brains Subliminal

You also listen to this directly on Loa Lab’s YouTube Channel.

Beauty With Brains Subliminal With 53 Benefits ✩ BEAUTIFUL GENIUS ✩

The List Of Affirmations Used For Subliminal

There are a total of 256 affirmations in the subliminal including the booster and self-love affirmations. You can read the affirmations before listening to the subliminal or as you are listening. Reading affirmations can help you emotionally feel them which will help beauty and brain subliminal work faster.

But don’t let your mind realize that you are reading the affirmations of the subliminal you are using. Just assume that you are reading this for fun and they are just like regular affirmations for you.

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