Affirmations To Become Best Version of YOU | Ultimate Beauty & Feminine Glow Up

Beauty, confidence, success and glow-up can be subjective but the affirmations I am sharing today with you all will help you get it all. And you will be able to manifest the best version of yourself. Because it is so much better to chase the best version of YOU than to chase the best version of somebody else or an ideal image you have of BEST.

List Of 30 Affirmations To Become Best Feminine Version Of Yourself

  1. I am at peace
  2. I am feeling good
  3. I am ready for success. 
  4. I am feeling grateful. 
  5. I am feeling gorgeous.
  6. I am feeling ethereal. 
  7. I am divine.
  8. I am cute. 
  9. I know that the life I desire and deserve has started to unfold. 
  10. I am admired.
  11. I am confident
  12. I am powerful and limitless. 
  13. I am releasing all the negativity and bitterness I’ve picked up over the years because of the experiences while keeping the good & lessons. 
  14. My eyes are so beautiful
  15. My smile can actually brighten up the room and lighten the mood.
  16. My hair is anything but divine. 
  17. My skin looks so fresh and smooth just like a baby. 
  18. My eye adds an extremely sparkling star-like look to my smile and beauty. 
  19. I am made of Stardust. 
  20. I am oozing angelic energy. 
  21. When someone looks at me they feel really calm and loved. 
  22. When someone listens to me they are easily able to understand and comprehend what I am saying. 
  23. I am easily able to convey my thoughts and my learnings and wisdom. 
  24. I look so good in-camera as well as in real life. 
  25. I love my eyes. 
  26. I am actually proud of myself because of how much I’ve accomplished with all that I had.
  27. I am also proud of myself for going through and learning from difficulties and rising.
  28. I am Just SO creative. 
  29. I am so happy that all the things I Just understood all the words are true for me and they are also going to amplify. 
  30. I am receiving the energy of love and healing
  31. Each moment I am here living breathing and alive, I am connected to the unlimited source of energy the divine healing energy of light.

I have also made a subliminal which includes all these glow-up affirmations as well as self-love affirmations. So if you like listening to Subliminals then you might love it.

Most Beautiful Version of YOU | Ultimate Beauty & Feminine Glow Up Subliminal

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