reverse aging, forever young affirmations

80 Reverse Aging+ Astonishingly Forever Young Subliminal Affirmations

Age is just a number indeed as long as you feel youthful, confident, fit, healthy, happy, cheerful, and energetic inside. These ageless forever young and youthful subliminal affirmations are going to do just that for you.

reverse aging, forever young affirmations

How To Use The Forever Young Affirmations

There are few ways you can easily get the most benefits from using the reverse aging affirmations and take full advantage of them.

  • Record all the affirmations and listen to them every day.
  • Pick few affirmations you want to use out of all the 80 forever young affirmations and write them every day for the next 3 months.
  • Make your own subliminal or use the fountain of youth subliminal made by Loa Lab which also includes a mini self-love subliminal layer.

How To Use Reverse Aging Subliminal?

Because the affirmations are very powerful, the subliminal suggestions of these affirmations make the subliminal even more potent so it is important to not overuse it. If you want focused and the best results, then you can listen to it on loop for 15 minutes every day for the next 30 days without combining it with any other subliminal for lasting results.

However, you can still use this subliminal with other subliminal but if you want fast and focused results then it’s best to not combine with other subliminals.

80 Affirmations For Reverse Aging

  1. I am young beautiful happy and energetic. 
  2. I am blessed with ageless looks and energy. 
  3. I am ageless. 
  4. My looks, health, energy, and body are ageless. 
  5. I am as healthy as a young adult. 
  6. I am as energetic as kids. 
  7. I am full of happiness. 
  8. My mind is always fresh and full of energy. 
  9. I always feel like I am getting younger every year. 
  10. My body is healthier than ever before. 
  11. My mind is healthier now. 
  12. I am stuck in my youthful years. 
  13. I am so happy that my body and age are fixed at my desired youthful age. 
  14. I still feel like I am just out of high school because of the amount of inspiration and energy I have. 
  15. I can easily feel and visualize being, feeling, and looking young and youthful forever. 
  16. It feels as if I have stopped my aging process. 
  17. I look and appear super younger and youthful all the time. 
  18. My healthy body is constantly producing collagen and elastin in my body. 
  19. I automatically love eating natural collagen-producing foods. 
  20. My skin is blessed with amazingly healthy levels of collagen and elastin. 
  21. I am blessed with forever wrinkle-free skin. 
  22. Day by day I am getting much more younger, sexier, and confident. 
  23. My skin is tight, plumper, smoother, and glowing like a baby. 
  24. Cells in my body are rejuvenating rapidly every second of the day and becoming young and healing. 
  25. My immunity system is strong and it keeps me healthy. 
  26. My energy and youthfulness are eternal. 
  27. My body has stopped aging. 
  28. All the bones and muscles in my body are healthy and getting healthier every second. 
  29. My hair is so shiny and full of life. 
  30. My eyes are shining bright and full of youthful energy. 
  31. My natural hair color is just the same and my hair has also stopped aging. 
  32. I have perfectly healthy, shiny beautiful perfect levels of melanin-rich hair. 
  33. My brain and adrenal glands, gonads, are safely releasing DHEA and Brain Endogenous Opiates and all the youth hormones. 
  34. I am always stress-free and happy. 
  35. My body is always producing more ideal amounts of collagen.  
  36. My body safely restores more collagen and elastin. 
  37. All the hormones are well balanced in my body. 
  38. The bone density in my body is the same as any young person’s. 
  39. My body always ideally rejuvenates all organs and tissues in my body.
  40. My bone health is just perfect. 
  41. My muscles are always healthy and rejuvenated. 
  42. I can easily get a great restful rejuvenating night’s sleep. 
  43. I am grateful for my blessing of smooth, supple, hydrated, glowing skin. 
  44. I can always easily learn anything and everything because my brain is always charged with energy. 
  45. Every time I sleep I always get a very restful and rejuvenating sleep that recharges and rejuvenates my whole system. 
  46. I definitely have the forever young gene in my body. 
  47. I am seriously blessed with forever young genes because I look many many years younger than my actual age. 
  48. I am getting stronger and better every day. 
  49. My Body Keeps regenerating and keeping me so younger. 
  50. My digestion system and my liver is regenerating faster and is healthier. 
  51. I have the best digestion system. 
  52. My metabolism is perfect. 
  53. My metabolic rate and digestion system help me feel great and really healthy. 
  54. My healthy liver and amazingly fast digestion system help my body absorb all the nutrients very easily. 
  55. It is so easy for me to take care of my health, immunity, and digestive system. 
  56. I always have so much energy. 
  57. It feels like I am back to being a kid because of the amount of energy I have every second. 
  58. I am full of bursting inspiration and excitement all the time. 
  59. I am excited to explore and experience everything. 
  60. My mind is full of curiosity and inspiration to learn new things. 
  61. I am so excited all the time. 
  62. That is so much I can do. 
  63. I literally have an unlimited amount of energy within me. 
  64. I have so much energy that I can work out very easily. 
  65. My body is perfectly fit, actually super fit. 
  66. My brain is always stimulated with motivation to learn and excitement to experience life. 
  67. I can do anything and everything I want because I am full of energy and inspiration and I have plenty of time to live my life. 
  68. My mind and heart are always excited happy and full of energy. 
  69. I always feel so young and it reflects in my looks. 
  70. I have the most youthful soul in the world. 
  71. I am so content and happy, everything makes me happy. 
  72. I wake up feeling energetic and happy. 
  73. I have so much energy that I can easily run up and down the stairs three times and still have energy. 
  74. I can dance then swim then work out and then play my favorite sports and still feel the same amount of excitement and energy as I just woke up. 
  75. Every time I take a short nap it fills me with more energy. 
  76. I am radiant and my aura is reflecting the energy of youth. 
  77. I feel like I am absorbing the magical youthful energy from nature, flowers, and plants. 
  78. All the cells in my body naturally produce the best and ideal amount of antioxidants. 
  79. I always reach for antioxidant and vitamin-rich snacks all the time.
  80. My body is naturally producing perfect and ideal alpha-lipoic acid and glutathione to keep me looking and feeling young as ever.

Final Thoughts And Tips

If you feel young at heart then that energy and feeling will shine through your looks and your eyes and your Aura. And using these forever Young affirmations I am going to help you but if you want to fast forward the effect of the affirmations or the subliminal, you will also have to take some action such as taking care of your diet and working out, maintaining a nice schedule, and taking proper rest.

And you know it’s the stress that makes you Look older and if you can eliminate stress from your lifestyle you automatically start to look 5 to 10 years younger. Just imagine how much it will change if you used these forever young affirmations or subliminal and take some simple actions to improve your lifestyle along with it.

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