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70 Powerful Super Intelligence Affirmations

Super intelligence affirmations are specific types of affirmations that target our belief that we can achieve great things. By regularly repeating them, we can begin to train our minds to believe and access that potential. And to think more positively and optimistically about ourselves, raising our self-esteem and helping us work towards reaching the full potential of the human mind.

The human mind is already capable of doing incredible things and it’s not only about reading and memorizing things are solving problems. The real intelligence life in the humor, wit, presence of mind, and creativity.

Having incredible memorizing ability shortly help but when you can have everything why just settle for being able to memorize. Reading or studying something can never be all about solving problems and remembering formulas. These intelligent affirmations also include affirmations for memory, comprehension, humor, creative, logical, and analytical thinking, problem-solving, and emotional intelligence affirmations.

And if you want to become successful in life then these intelligence affirmations are the main positive affirmations you need to use everyday.

List Of Intelligence Affirmations

Here are the 70 powerful intelligence affirmations for developing that superhuman like intelligence. Repeat them daily to help program your subconscious mind for success.

  1. I believe in myself and in my mind. 
  2. I am ready to believe in my abilities and abilities of my mind. 
  3. I am becoming more and more intelligent day After day. 
  4. I love learning and reading. 
  5. Reading something new and learning about something new excites me. 
  6. I am always learning even if I unconsciously engage in the process of learning. 
  7. The human mind is very creative and intelligent and I happen to have one of the best human minds. 
  8. I can easily read and comprehend whatever I am reading for studying. 
  9. My comprehension skills are incomparable. 
  10. I can read so fast that it is beyond belief. 
  11. A lot of the time I surprise myself with my intelligence. 
  12. Humor makes me even more intelligent. 
  13. The more I know the better my sense of humor becomes. 
  14. My intelligence makes me a really witty person. 
  15. I enjoy expanding my knowledge. 
  16. The more I know the more humble and eager to learn I become. 
  17. The more I am getting to understand this world the more urge I feel to learn. 
  18. I can quickly learn anything and everything. 
  19. I am the best and fastest learner to ever exist. 
  20. I can easily calculate and solve anything. 
  21. I always carefully choose my words. 
  22. I am always aware of my surroundings and everything that is happening. 
  23. My awareness and Presence of mind make me more intelligent. 
  24. I am always present and aware of everything. 
  25. My mind understands philosophy, logic, and science easily. 
  26. I am grateful that my brain is blessed with incredible human intelligence. 
  27. I can easily focus whenever and on whatever I desire. 
  28. I believe that the ability of my mind my brain and my IQ and EQ are incredible. 
  29. I can meditate in an instant. 
  30. I can be in a state of mindfulness Whenever I desire.
  31. I can easily understand the details of everything. 
  32. Using my brain power, my mind, and intelligent feeling like a breeze. 
  33. I have the most intelligent mind to ever exist. 
  34. My brain always functions incredibly well. 
  35. My mind is even more intelligent than the perfect artificial intelligence that exists. 
  36. I have the eyes for the details and specifications. 
  37. I always easily notice every specific detail unconsciously and consciously. 
  38. I am always channeling the most powerful intelligence to exist in this universe. 
  39. My mind is very creative and innovative and genius. 
  40. My mind is always coming up with the most creative and innovative ideas to solve anything and everything. 
  41. I use my logical and creative Minds to their fullest potential. 
  42. I have all the tools and ability to utilize the full potential of my subconscious mind. 
  43. I am always very curious and I follow the lead of my curious mind. 
  44. My brain is extremely evolved to complement the intelligence of my conscious and subconscious minds. 
  45. I am always exercising my intelligence and pushing the boundaries of Intelligence. 
  46. My mind is capable of becoming a genius in any subject I Desire. 
  47. I can easily attain all the information and knowledge available out there on any subject. 
  48. I easily always remember everything. 
  49. I can always easily recall anything and everything even if I read or listen to it just once.
  50. I have a combination of incredible and amazing brain and mind. 
  51. My mind can always easily rejuvenate and recharge. 
  52. My mind is emotionally and logically balanced. 
  53. I allowed myself to learn more and stay humble. 
  54. I am grateful for all the opportunities to learn and innovate. 
  55. My mind loves challenges and my creativity flourishes with them. 
  56. The more I learn and the more logical and creative challenges I face the more powerful my mind gets. 
  57. I am super grateful for all the fun I get to have because of my incredible intelligent humor. 
  58. I am grateful for the creative and innovative part of my mind. 
  59. I am also very grateful for the logical and analytical parts of my mind. 
  60. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to easily write, read, comprehend, and retain information really fast. 
  61. It is very fun to challenge my analytical and logical abilities. 
  62. It is so much fun to read every day when I can retain all the information with the tiniest details. 
  63. I can retain and pick up every detail of everything I read, see and experience unconsciously even without trying. 
  64. The creativity of my mind allows me to think of incredible out-of-the-world ideas. 
  65. My subconscious mind is always active and collecting all the information like super-intelligence.
  66. I have the best memory power thanks to my subconscious mind.
  67. I can safely allow my conscious and subconscious mind to unlock and access all parts of my memory at all times.
  68. My mind and emotions are always under my control.
  69. I can easily take logical, calculative, comprehensive decisions anywhere, anytime.
  70. I am wholeheartedly with all my will ready to believe that all the positive statements about my mind, brain, and intelligence are as true as my existence.

How To Include These Positive Affirmations In Your Daily Routine

When using these affirmations there are a few things you can keep in mind that can help you to get the most out of these intelligence affirmations. Because the human mind is already capable of everything that’s mentioned in affirmations for intelligence. All you need to do is believe that it’s your mind that is capable of that excellency.

So it’s best if you repeat all the 70 intelligence affirmations but if you can’t then you can different 5 affirmations each day for the next 14 days and then repeat the cycle again. But the key here is to feel all the intelligence affirmations as if they are completely true for you and you are saying them by habit because you know they are true.

Another option if you don’t want to repeat all these 70 affirmations every day, is to listen to this subliminal right here. Which has all the 70 affirmations for intelligence layered multiple time with music.

You can also make your own subliminal easily using the affirmations of your choice. There are also many other subliminals available in Loa Lab’s YouTube channel, like productivity, creativity, success, study, job subliminal and so much more. So make sure to check them out.

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