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65 Strong Daily Affirmations For Women Of 2023

All the strong women of 2022 deserve equally strong and positive words of affirmation everyday in the form of specially written daily affirmations for women. The impact some positive words and affirmations can have in ones life is incredible and if you are not using the power of these daily affirmations for women then you are missing out on a lot! That’s all I have to say for now.

Let’s first get into the list of daily affirmation for women then we’ll move on to understand the positive effect of using these words of affirmation and how to use these women’s daily affirmations to get the most out of them.

List Of 65 Powerful Daily Affirmations For Women

Keep in mind that daily affirmations women can use to feel empowered and confident. But if you are looking for some self-confidence or self love affirmations then you can find them here ( 40 Affirmations For Confidence – The World Is Yours And 150 Best Self-Love Affirmations For Soaring High Self-Esteem).

You can use these positive affirmations as often as you want and as many of these as you want. You don’t need to repeat all the 65 women’s daily affirmations just because there are 65 affirmations listed as daily affirmations.

  1. Life is an excellent and unique experience and I love being a woman
  2. I am strong, powerful, and capable of being on my own
  3. I am delicate, kind, and beautiful as much as I am strong
  4. I am ready to believe in myself because I am everything I need
  5. I am fierce, bold, assertive, opinionated but very polite
  6. I am becoming the woman of my dreams
  7. I acknowledge my worth as a woman
  8. I feel blessed every day for being a woman
  9. I am grateful for everything I am blessed with in this beautiful world
  10. I am ready to own my power as a woman
  11. Women are powerful and I am proud of being one
  12. I am safe and protected in this beautiful world
  13. I am aware of my strength and power
  14. I easily protect myself from anything and everything
  15. I am willing to provide a happy and safe place to every woman around me
  16. I love and support other women
  17. I am here to spread kindness, love, wisdom, and knowledge
  18. I have faith in myself and I am grateful for who I am
  19. I am cherishing every moment of my life
  20. I am grateful for all the greater things I am blessed with
  21. I am grateful to the men in my life for being supportive and being there
  22. I am more than enough for myself and I really enjoy my company
  23. I believe in abilities and I have complete faith in my wisdom and intelligence
  24. I am a learner and I am always learning and gaining knowledge
  25. I have faith in the power of knowledge and gratitude
  26. I am always calm and composed
  27. I have complete control over my emotions and temperament
  28. I am emotionally intelligent and very understanding
  29. I can thrive and grow and change my circumstances because I have the mind and strength to do it
  30. I push harder and hold on to my dreams because I know I am the best
  31. I deserve to have everything I desire
  32. I am strong and I know how powerful I am
  33. I am always unaffected by others’ actions and reactions because I know my place and what I deserve
  34. I am emotionally stronger and more powerful than anyone can ever imagine
  35. I have a really strong mind
  36. I am growing and gaining more knowledge and wisdom each and every day which makes me more powerful
  37. I am a go-getter and I have everything I need to get everything I deserve
  38. I choose what I deserve and I make myself great enough to deserve everything I desire
  39. I can change and improve anything I desire
  40. I can do and be anything I want and anything I set my mind to becoming
  41. I am choosing to step into my power
  42. I am ready to take my control back
  43. I am strong enough to take my power back
  44. I am perfect and best the way I am but I am committed to learning and becoming even better
  45. I am glowing mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially
  46. I choose to see the light and beauty in this world
  47. I am loved, safe, happy, healthy, and beautiful
  48. I am growing, thriving, and progressing in every direction of my life
  49. I am determined to achieve every single thing I deserve
  50. I am ready to step up my game in life and get everything I deserve
  51. I am creating my reality every day
  52. My actions, my words, my thoughts, and my determination is changing my reality
  53. I am manifesting the perfect life I deserve and desire
  54. I am focused and determined to turn my life around and glow up to a completely new level
  55. I know what my abilities and powers are and I have complete faith in myself and in my destiny
  56. My life is meaningful and I am here to change the world into a greater place to exist
  57. Whenever I see other women succeed, I take inspiration and send them love and support to do even better
  58. When I see other people succeed in life it motivates and inspired me to work even smarter and harder
  59. I have an endless amount of inspiration and ideas
  60. I know that I am progressing in the direction of successful and victorious life
  61. I am so grateful for everything I have achieved in my life and everything I am about to achieve
  62. I am beyond grateful for all the support and inspiration the universe has to offer me
  63. I am making meaningful connections and living a fulfilling life
  64. Everyone around me loves and supports me and I am ready to receive and appreciate the love and support
  65. I know that the greater energy I am putting out in the world is returning to me 100 times multiplied

What These Positive Affirmations Can Do For You

As kids we all often receive encouraging and positive words of affirmations from adults around us. But as we grow older these positive statements and encouraging words start to reduce and by the time you are grown up, the world suddenly expects you to handle yourself and get everything together on your own.

Repeating the daily affirmations for women are those exact affirmative words that cannot only help you take your power back but it can also help those around you. As you just read, these daily affirmations contribute to direct your thoughts in the direction of embracing yourself, focusing on your strengths and manifesting a greater and better tomorrow, not only for yourself but also for everyone around you.

But you’d be thinking why use just the daily affirmations for women and not the other general positive affirmations. Because we can get all the benefits with any daily affirmations. But those daily affirmations are not going to relate to your feminine being as much as women’s daily affirmations are going to relate and inspire you.

Because at the core of every women there’s a need to recognize and connect with that feminine power All these positive daily affirmations for women you are going to repeat everyday are going to get imprinted in your heart and mind. And you’ll be able to connect with your inner strength.

How To Use These Women’s Daily Affirmations To Get The Best Out Of Them

  • Set up a nice and quiet place, like a reading nook or self-care nook where you can write and read in peace.
  • Pick 3-5 affirmations you are able to connect to the most and feel something when you are reading them, out of all the 65 affirmations for women.
  • Now note these 3-5 affirmations in the notepad, read these affirmations to yourself with audible sound. And bookmark the link just in case you’d like to change the affirmations after a while.
  • It’s also great if you can write the affirmations in a physical notebook instead of a notepad app or diary. Writing will help you connect more with the affirmations.

You don’t need to write these affirmations daily but don’t forget to read them every day.

Some More Daily Affirmations For Your Emotional Well-Being

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