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51 Powerful Hourglass Body Affirmations

If I told you you can achieve an hourglass body figure by using hourglass body affirmations or hour glass body subliminal. Would you believe it?

The hourglass body shape is desired by many, but achieving it can be a challenge. While there are no quick fixes, there are some things you can do to help you on your way. One of these is to use affirmations. An affirmation is a statement that you repeat to yourself often, with the aim of changing your thinking and eventually your reality. When it comes to achieving an hourglass body, using powerful affirmations can help you to focus on your goals and stay motivated.

And there is no one-size-fits-all approach to getting an hourglass body shape, but there are some general tips that can help. Diet and exercise are always important, and these hour glass body affirmations don’t ignore them and they’re not the only things that matter. You also need to focus on your mindset and use affirmations to improve your body image.

When you think positively about your body, you’re more likely to make healthy choices that support your goals. Here are 51 powerful hourglass body affirmations to help you get started.

51 Powerful Hourglass Body Affirmations To Get Those Curves

  1. I love and appreciate my body 
  2. I accept and love my body the way it looks and feels 
  3. I am working on the health and fitness of my body with love 
  4. I am ready to look my best 
  5. My heart is full of love and appreciation for my body 
  6. I am grateful for the health and beauty of my body 
  7. I really appreciate how amazing and beautiful my body looks 
  8. I am creating the best and safe regimen for the health of my body 
  9. I am so grateful for my health and my body’s ability to change and improve
  10. I am now ready to manifest my desired hourglass body from the place of love and appreciation for my body 
  11. I really adore and admire my curves 
  12. I love and accept my body and my genes as I am being blessed with my desired body shape 
  13. I also accept, acknowledge, and love the beautiful shape of my body 
  14. The more acceptance and love I have for my body the curvier and hourglass-like it becomes 
  15. I am really grateful for being blessed with the ability to accept changes in my body 
  16. My mind, heart, and body are open to positive changes that increase my confidence 
  17. I can easily achieve a beautiful curvy hourglass body 
  18. My mind is automatically inclined to like workouts that give me an hourglass curvy body 
  19. I am ready and excited to achieve a voluminous hourglass body 
  20. I believe in my body’s the ability to change easily 
  21. I am happy for the health and healing ability of my body 
  22. I feel extremely healthy and full of energy all the times 
  23. I love my body the way it looks and I also appreciate everything my body is doing to keep me fit and healthy 
  24. All the workouts I am doing are helping me achieve really curvy hourglass body 
  25. My eating habits are nourishing my body and making me curvy 
  26. I eat lots of nourishing good food that helps enhance my already existing curves 
  27. My body is thick and slim in the perfect places 
  28. I am in love with my beautiful, healthy, and fit body 
  29. I am always eating easy to digest and well nourishing food 
  30. My tummy is always flat and tiny 
  31. I often eat a lot of fruits that help my belly stay flat 
  32. I also eat lots of protein and fiber-rich food which keeps my body in a great hourglass-like shape 
  33. I am grateful that my hormones are blessing me with the most perfect hourglass curvy body 
  34. I am focused on my health and feeling my best 
  35. I love how easy it is to see progress and my body getting curvier 
  36. It is easy for me to attain and maintain my ideal desired weight and curvy hourglass body shape 
  37. I already feel attractive and confident, the hourglass body is just the cherry on top 
  38. I look in the mirror feeling confident every day 
  39. I am driven by the urge to eat healthy and good 
  40. I love to workout every day because it is easy and effortless for me 
  41. I feel confident and appreciative of my body as a woman 
  42. I allow myself to feel confident about the way my body looks and feels 
  43. I am letting go of any insecurities that hold me back 
  44. I am releasing all the negative feelings and energy 
  45. I am always going to enhance the love and appreciation for my body through positive self-talk 
  46. My healthy habits are improving my looks and my curves every day 
  47. It is safe for me to look and feel my best 
  48. I can easily achieve all my fitness and health goals 
  49. It is getting easier to get curvier and healthier for me each millisecond 
  50. I am effortlessly getting closer and closer to my desired weight and body shape 
  51. I am ready to receive a perfectly healthy beautiful hourglass body shape

Hourglass Body Subliminal And How To Use Them

If you want all the benefits from the hourglass body affirmations without needing to repeat 51 affirmations every single day then you can use an hourglass body subliminal instead. And as a bonus, this hourglass body subliminal also includes self-love affirmations which are listed below. And you can find more subliminals on Loa Lab’s YouTube Channel here.

Body Positive Self-love Affirmations

  1. I love and appreciate my body
  2. The more I feel grateful the more I love my body the more it reflects that love back to me
  3. I look at my body and all can notice is how amazing and beautiful it is
  4. I feel more loving towards my body every second that passes
  5. My body is the beautiful vessel that contains the divine presence I am
  6. I feel loved by my body as I am loving it 
  7. I am allowing myself to release all the negativity around my body
  8. I release all the negative beliefs 
  9. I am feeling so much happier and more confident with how my body looks and feels
  10. I am able to feel my body accepting the love I have for my body
  11. I am ready to accept and allow positive thoughts and beliefs to enter all parts of my mind
  12. I am ready to accept the amazing positive changes in my body
  13. I am so happy for this amazing divine body 
  14. I easily convey my feeling and boundaries
  15. I respect myself
  16. I know my standards
  17. I take pride in being me
  18. I am someone who is rare and blessed with love
  19. I only allow people who respect me in my life
  20. I positively and lovingly enforce boundaries 
  21. Everyone who knows me respects me for who I am
  22. I am able to find and love my truth
  23. I am stronger than I’ve ever been
  24. I am grounded and my energy is connected to mother nature
  25. Nature and its energies keep me grounded and my roots are connected to mother nature and the universe

Resources To Help You Get The Best Out OF Subliminals

These are some of the helpful articles you might wanna check out before you start using subliminal. These might even help you if you’ve already been listening to subliminals for a long time because there’s always some room for more knowledge.

Tips To Use Hourglass Body Affirmations Or Subliminal

hourglass body affirmations
  • Drink water and keep yourself hydrated
  • Eat fresh and nourishing food best for your desired weight goal
  • Workout regularly and focus on doing hourglass body exercises. For example, burpees, squats, planks, lunges, twist around can help you get into an hourglass shape.
  • Always have plenty of rest.
  • If you want faster results then listen to the subliminal at least 30 minutes on loop every day. So that you can focus all your energy into this goal before moving on to the next.

And lastly let us know if these affirmations and subliminal are helping achieve your goal of the hourglass body in the comments. And you can also subscribe to email notifications to get notified of new blog posts if you enjoyed reading this.

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