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50 Daily Affirmations To Be That Girl Or Guy – Unbelievably Powerful

Daily affirmations can change your life in a way you would have never imagined. Do you want to be that girl or that guy? These affirmations include all that you’d ever want to become. Doing daily affirmations is not just about repeating positive affirmations to yourself but also getting into that high vibration state consistently every single day. We already know that staying consistently in a High vibration state can bring equally high vibration experiences into our life.

daily affirmations

So, what kind of daily affirmations you should use on a daily basis? Because if you are using affirmations that are too complicated then you are more likely to give up after a few days. So these daily affirmations should be easy. So the answer is daily affirmations should be easy to repeat and shot so they can be done quickly without getting bored. Also, the daily affirmation should be aligned with the goal to feel high vibrational most of the time and attract more positive experiences in your life rather than being fixated on a specific goal.

Daily Affirmations To Get You Going

  1. I am powerful and successful 
  2. I am Virtually Unstoppable because I’m focused 
  3. Consistency and discipline make me feel powerful 
  4. I am disciplined and the best in what I do 
  5. I always get restful sleep and wake up magically charged
  6. I am moving forward to make my life the best one 
  7. I am only attracted to the positive experiences in my life 
  8. I am confident the best of my life is running towards me 
  9. I am sure that I can do everything 
  10. I can understand the power of my words 
  11. Super powerful that’s why I used them consciously 
  12. My mind is incredibly powerful and it attracts everything it wishes for 
  13. I am living the best of my life every passing second 
  14. It is so easy for me to improve every second of the day 
  15. I am effortlessly getting closer to my goals 
  16. My dreams and desires and goals are coming to my Reality as I am saying this 
  17. I open my mind to believe in the power of affirmations 
  18. My words are like spells because they are so powerful 
  19. The more I focus on happiness the more it grows 
  20. I always attract positive experiences everywhere I go 
  21. I am building amazing incredible relationships in my life 
  22. It is so easy for me to balance my work and personal life 
  23. I am a pro at work and life balance 
  24. My mind is full of ideas that actually work 
  25. I am inspired all the time 
  26. I am always be charged even without drinking coffee 
  27. I am destined to be successful 
  28. My vision and ideas always work 
  29. I am aligned with the universe so I always come up with the greatest ideas 
  30. I am full of innovative creative inspirational ideas 
  31. I believe in my mind and my intelligence 
  32. My heart is full of passion and power 
  33. I am surrounded by the power of love 
  34. I attract everything in my life easily 
  35. I am easily able to connect with everything on the vibrational energy level 
  36. Everything is energy so I am always able to connect with everything 
  37. I am in full control of my emotions and feelings 
  38. I am calm and calmness helps me become the best version of myself 
  39. I am living my life and experiencing it all in its true essence 
  40. The world is an incredibly beautiful place I am excited to be a part of it 
  41. I am full of gratitude and this energy is bringing me positive outcomes all the time 
  42. All the positive experiences I receive increase my belief in the power of energy and the mind 
  43. I am so thankful for all the resources that have been given to me by the universe 
  44. I am so lucky because I am aware of how powerful I am as a human 
  45. I am incredibly abundant in every way 
  46. I am grateful that I can eat as much as I want 
  47. I Take Every chance of expressing gratitude and make the best out of it 
  48. Life is so beautiful and I am thankful that I am getting to experience it 
  49. This world already has so much abundance and I can be part of that abundance
  50. I always effortlessly rise above all negative emotions

How To Get The Best Out OF Daily Affirmations?

If you want to get the best out of these daily affirmations you will have to be consistent and do them daily. There are also several ways you can make the best out of these daily affirmations.

  • Write down the daily affirmations every night before you go to sleep, that way you will be installing them in your subconscious mind.
  • Record these daily affirmations in your voice, and listen to them every single day during the commute to your work, making your breakfast, or when you are working out.
  • Pick the daily affirmations that suit you the most and print them out and stick them up in your bedroom like a poster.
  • You can also design wallpapers for your phone or laptop with the daily affirmations so you can see them every time you open your screen and repeat them to yourself.
  • And last but not least you can also make Subliminals with these daily affirmations for yourself and layer them with your favorite music, of course, a good hi vibration that makes you feel good and not sad.

Consistency is the key here, the more consistent you will be with the daily affirmations the more effective these daily affirmations will become. So, make sure to use them every single day. Affirmations are meant to be used every single day that’s why they are called failure patients. And if you are not able to relate to any of these daily affirmations written here then you can make your own daily affirmations and you can make them more specific to yourself. You must have found at least 10 out of these 50 affirmations relatable.

And if you ever get bored with using affirmations you can always switch to Subliminals because subliminal is a hybrid of affirmations we can say. If you want to compare Subliminals with affirmations then you can read a blog post about Subliminals and affirmations in the Loa Lab. And you can also find many subliminals at Loa Lab YouTube Channel.

You can also start your subliminal journey with Loa Lab And you can use this Subliminal if you’d like to.

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