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45 Affirmations For Curly Hair – Specially Best For Transitioning Phase

Affirmations for curly hair is here to the rescue because often people who have natural curls don’t really know how to take care of their hair and maintain the health of their natural hair. So they end up with damaged natural but extremely rough frizzy hair. And when it comes to hair mindset and our beliefs about our hair pays a huge role on how our hair will be so curly hair affirmations can help a lot.

My Curly Hair Experience

I have also struggled for a really long time thinking that my hair just can’t be helped because for the longest I didn’t even think that my hair is really curly. I used to think that I just happened to have really rough textured wavy hair. And when I realized that I have curly hair and my mom just didn’t know how to take care of curls.

Then I started to focus all my energy on loving and caring for my hair as well as stop hating my hair. Even at that moment I wasn’t using any affirmations for curly hair but later I did eventually start to use subliminal for desired hair at one point. And my desire was to have the most gorgeous, shiny and healthy hair.

So know for a fact that how important subliminal and curly hair affirmation are. But before you start using natural hair affirmations, I want to share the curly hair subliminal I made and published on Loa Lab Channel recently.

Curly Hair Subliminal

Here’s the curly hair subliminal for transitioning curly hair made using all the affirmations listed below and some self-love affirmations, this curly hair subliminal will help you restore the natural pattern of the curls and well as restore the health. This is the best curly hair subliminal that you can use if you’ve always hated your natural curly hair.

List Of 45 Affirmations For Curly Hair

Now let’s get to the affirmations, you can read the curly hair affirmations as you are listening to the subliminal or you can only use the affirmations for curly hair, if you are not sure about using curly hair subliminal.

  1. I am accepting my natural hair the way they are 
  2. I am ready to accept and show love to my naturally curly hair 
  3. I am extremely lucky to get the gift of unique naturally curly hair 
  4. Curly hair is the most beautiful and gorgeous hair type 
  5. Curly hair looks so good and beautiful 
  6. I am in love with my curly hair 
  7. My curly hair makes me look gorgeous and ethereal 
  8. I am extremely grateful for being blessed with gorgeous curls 
  9. I take really good care of my naturally curly hair 
  10. I am beyond happy that my hair is getting back to its natural shape and best health 
  11. I am determined to really take good care of the health of my natural hair 
  12. My curl pattern is getting better and better each and every day 
  13. My curly hair looks really shiny and healthy 
  14. I include lots of nuts like almond, cashew, and walnuts in my diet because they are diet for my hair 
  15. I love munching and snacking on dry fruits and nuts 
  16. I also enjoy eating healthy greens that are great for my hair 
  17. I also enjoy applying healthy natural hair packs to help my hair 
  18. My curls are very soft, bouncy, and healthy 
  19. I love massaging my scalp every day 
  20. I am literally a fan of scalp massage 
  21. Massaging my scalp makes me feel calm and happy 
  22. I can always easily maintain the health of my curly hair 
  23. Curly hair is actually very easy to manage and take care of 
  24. I always get great curl patterns because my curls are healthy 
  25. I have the best hair in the entire world 
  26. I feel really grateful for my curls and the way they are because they are so unique and perfect for me 
  27. I am always discovering new and better ways to take care of curls 
  28. I can also always easily style my hair 
  29. Curly hair is also very low maintenance 
  30. My curls always look great even if I leave them without styling 
  31. My curls always look great even without styling products 
  32. I am really enjoying my curly hair journey 
  33. Curly hair adds a bonus to my amazing personality 
  34. I feel very lucky to be able to discover and embrace the true nature of my hair 
  35. Curly hair is a blessing to own and embrace and I am embracing them with love 
  36. I have the best and smoothest bounciest and most beautifully manageable curl pattern 
  37. My entire head is full of healthy curly hair 
  38. My curls are getting more and more generous and manageable with each passing second 
  39. My curls grow really fast and always stay healthy 
  40. My hair is shining with health and beauty 
  41. My curls are strong and beautiful 
  42. I love owning and styling naturally curly hair 
  43. My mind and heart are open to accepting and adopting all positive curly hair suggestions 
  44. I am opening my conscious and subconscious mind to accept all the positive curly hair beliefs
  45. All the positive curly hair affirmations are permanently rooted in my subconscious and accepted by my conscious mind

More Affirmations For Hair & Beauty

The main goal of using affirmations for curly hair or hair in general is to start believing and appreciating your unique beauty. Because what happens is we can’t see how great we look or our hair looks and how desirable those curly locks are, we are only able to see how beautiful other looks who are entirely different. And we end up comparing and thinking “why don’t I look as good”. But what you don’t know is, you look even prettier, you’ll just have to accept your uniqueness and care for yourself.

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