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41 Affirmations For Strong Healthy Nails & Gorgeous Hands

Who doesn’t want strong healthy nails and beautiful hands? Even though it’s really easy to get your nails done and get nail extensions, at some point everyone gets tired of getting them.

It definitely feels good to get your nails done once in a while or for a special occasion but It’s not at all practical to get nail extensions every now and then. because healthy nails are anyway going to grow out.

Affirmations for nails can literally help you to manifest healthy strong nails and I’ll tell you how:

How Nail Affirmations Can Help You Manifest Healthy Nails

We are all familiar with how bad it feels when a nail breaks or when nails become weak and brittle. It all happens because we are subconsciously being very careless with how we treat ourselves and especially how we treat our nails.

When we want to deal with our subconscious actions, behavior patterns, and beliefs then affirmations and subliminal are the easiest ways to deal with them. So when you use affirmations for nails and hands, they will help you break the unhealthy habits that are damaging your natural nails and hands. These positive nail affirmations are also going to help you build healthy nail care habits.

41 Affirmations For Healthy Nails & Attractive Hands

You can also use nail subliminal if you want to get the effects of these affirmations faster. Because the subliminal formula also includes self-love and booster in it. You can also listen to this as you are reading the affirmations for healthy nails and hands.

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  1. I am ready and determined to take care of my nails
  2. I am adopting habits for healthy nails and beautiful hands
  3. I love regularly moisturizing my hands and nails
  4. I trim my nails very carefully
  5. I love using a good cuticle oil for my nails
  6. I am eating a healthy diet rich in protein and vitamins
  7. I take care of nails and hands
  8. I always keep a hand lotion or hand cream with me
  9. I love doing manicures and pedicures and they relax me so much
  10. I am manifesting perfection in my nails and hands
  11. My nails are strong and beautiful
  12. My nails are healthy and my hands are soft
  13. I always keep my hands and nails clean
  14. My hands always look elegant and divine 
  15. My hands always look like I’ve just visited the salon
  16. I love keeping my nails and hands protected
  17. I always use tools for chores and protect my nails
  18. I use my finger or tools such as a spoon or an opener to open anything
  19. I always open a can with an opener
  20. I always open bottles, cans, and caps with my finger or a tool
  21. I always remember to protect my nails
  22. I paint my nails with good quality nail polishes
  23. I always gently use nails care tools
  24. I always use a gentle nail polish remover
  25. I have very healthy nails that are also very beautiful
  26. My hands always look beautiful
  27. My fingers are beautifully shaped
  28. My hands and fingers always look great and gorgeous
  29. I have the type of hands I desire
  30. My nails always grow really really fast
  31. I can always style and shape my nails the way I desire because they grow fast
  32. My nails grow as fast as I desire
  33. My nails are growing every second
  34. My hands are getting smoother and more gorgeous every second
  35. I am ready to manifest the most beautiful and nice-looking hands
  36. I am ready to manifest the most healthy, and strong nail growth
  37. I always remember to moisturize my hands and nails
  38. I am choosing to believe that I can manifest my desired nails and hands
  39. I am permanently adopting positive affirmations for nails
  40. I am ready to allow permanent positive changes to my nails and hands
  41. I know that I can manifest these physical changes easily

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Also, Something To Remember

It’s awesome to get nail extensions when you are feeling like it, you have all the right to pamper and treat yourself when you want to. And getting your nails done will never negatively impact the effectiveness of these hands and nail affirmations. Using affirmations and subliminal is going to have a very positive effect on your nail habits as well as your hands, so your nail extensions or manicure might actually last longer than usual.

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