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40 Perfect Affirmations For Pink Lips

In the era where we talk about embracing all our insecurities, do we really need affirmations for pink lips? Apparently, we do because they can incredibly increase our confidence.

The more time you spend taking care of yourself the more your confidence is going to increase. And that’s a fact. And if lips weren’t a crucial part of appearance nobody would be spending their money on lip care products and makeup.

Isn’t it better to accept what we desire and try to connect with our subconscious to fulfill them instead of looking for temporary solutions?

Here are 40 easy affirmations for pink lips!

These pink lips affirmations are not limited to just manifesting pink lips, but these also target the habits resulting in lip pigmentation. And if you want to see some actual results then you’ll have to be consistent with using these pink lips affirmations. And if that’s not possible for you then you can also benefit from these same suggestions by using this subliminal for pink lips.

Natural Pink Lips Subliminal – Strong Affirmations + Self-love & Acceptance

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  1. I am moving forward to accept my appearance
  2. I am accepting and sending love to how my lips look
  3. I am ready to accept positive thoughts about the appearance of my lips
  4. I am inviting positive beliefs about my lips through affirmations for pink lips
  5. I always remember to drink plenty of water and moisturize my lips
  6. I like using a very hydrating lip mask 
  7. My lips are hydrated and well moisturized
  8. I scrub my lips every day just like I brush my teeth
  9. Lip exfoliation is a routine for me now
  10. I am very conscious about eating food rich in antioxidants 
  11. I always eat iron and zinc-rich food
  12. My lips are nourished and healthy
  13. I am inviting positive thoughts for the pigment of my lips
  14. My lips always look beautifully pink tinted
  15. I am consciously aware that my subconscious beliefs can turn my lips beautifully pink
  16. My lips are already pink because that’s how natural human lips look
  17. My lips are naturally pink and rosy 
  18. I am disregarding all the bad habits that prevent me from having pink lips
  19. I am accepting new healthy habits that are helping me have pink lips
  20. I always apply sunscreen even on my lips
  21. I always keep lip care or lip balm with me
  22. My lips can get as pink as I desire
  23. I have the perfect pigment and shade of pink on my lips
  24. My lips look perfect just the way they are
  25. I am kind towards myself and my lips
  26. I am focused on taking care of my health and beauty
  27. I stay away from artificial lip color because my lips naturally look pink
  28. My lips have the perfect shade of pink that compliments my skin tone
  29. My lips are even-toned and beautiful
  30. The color of my lips is perfect for my skin tone
  31. I am able to accept the way my lips are
  32. I can notice the beauty and uniqueness of my lips
  33. I am now able to see how perfect and beautiful my natural lip color is
  34. I can easily notice the positive changes in my lip shade
  35. I the most perfect natural shade for lips
  36. My lips are just the way that makes me feel confident
  37. My lips are turning my desired shade of pink
  38. I am happy and content with the pinkish lips and beautiful face features I have
  39. My love and admiration for my features are growing 
  40. I am permanently adopting positive beliefs about my lips

You can even pick and use a few out of these 40 pink lips affirmations, the only key here is repetition and your belief in the affirmation.

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