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4 Secrets To Make Any Affirmation Work For You

Do affirmations work is not even in question because affirmation work and they are one of the easiest manifestation tools. And today you will be discovering 4 secrets to make any affirmation work for you.

I have been using affirmations for many years, knowingly and unknowingly and I can tell you from my experience that affirmation works but only if you use them in a certain way.

Let’s take a look at the 4 secrets to make any affirmation work for you

The first two things might sound basic but in reality, they are the base to make any affirmation work. But wait for the third one.

1. Affirmation work if you use them with a purpose

It is true that we attract what we focus on and what we think about most of the time because of the law of attraction. But there is one thing that really helps us to get what we want – it is intentional. Affirmations are great but they won’t do anything for us if we are not intentional with our thoughts, words, and actions.

If your intention is not clear or if you don’t know exactly what it is that you want, there is no point in using affirmations because then you’d be using them mindlessly! So make sure that your intention is crystal clear before trying to use an affirmation.

2. Affirmation work when they are repeated often enough

Affirmations are very useful but they work when repeated often enough. You may have heard people talking about repetition being the mother of learning, yes, this quote can be used here too because repetition will help your subconscious mind absorb and understand the information contained in an affirmation better than anything else will do.

The more often you repeat an affirmation, the more effective it becomes – this is also one of the reasons why subliminals are so effective.

3. Don’t get too entangled with how you are making affirmations

The main secret to making any affirmation work is to not get too caught up in the rules of making affirmations. Affirmations are just words and sentences, what really matters is how you feel when you are saying those affirmations. Because what’s going to take form and manifest is exactly what you are feeling.

For example: The more powerful and more intense you feel when you are saying the affirmation the more power, will, and intensity you will manifest within you and in your surroundings.

4. Use affirmations playfully

I have always used this method to make my affirmation work and even the affirmations with words such as “no and “not” have worked for me.

You know how when we are most careless with our words and we keep saying a few things repeatedly because those sentences are stuck in our mind or we are just vibing because we heard a song? The lyrics were catchy but now you are suddenly noticing that things are changing around you to manifest that stuff.

So just like that you need to be playful with affirmations to make affirmation work. Especially if you are going to be using just 1-2 affirmations.

Also, the more fun it will be to use the affirmations, the faster they will work.

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Final Thoughts

The first two points were literally the base point. And if you believe that saying an affirmation even just once will work for you for that particular affirmation then it will work if you are able to feel it with intensity.

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