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31 Easy & Strong Self Concept Affirmations

Self Concept, Self Worth, Self Esteem seem like they are the same but there’s a slight difference. So Before we get to Self Concept affirmations, it’s important that you understand what self concept means.

What Is Self Concept And How IT’s Different From Self-Worth?

The meaning of self concept is one of the simplest to understand. It is how you perceive, see and think about yourself. It’s mainly formed from your beliefs and ideas about yourself. Yet, some parts of self concept are influenced a lot by other peoples responses towards us as well as how we handle them. Even our fears and insecurities also shape our self concept.

If we try to further narrow it down, we can say that it means “the image of “You” that you make for yourself and the image you wish to create for the world.”1

While self worth and self concept sound so much alike but they are definitely different . Self worth is influenced heavily by the things we based our worth on. It can be beauty, money, intelligence, education, friend circle, or family2 On whatever thing you base your value on, that’s why in the self-help community it’s encouraged not to base our worth on anything but ourselves as individuals.

“Might I wish to be all that I can be and not fall victim to all that I fear to be.”

― Craig D. Lounsbrough

31 Affirmations For Self Concept

Self-concept connected to motivation, attitude, behavior.3 So these affirmations for self concept can help immensely with confidence, achieving goals, being productive, feeling more beautiful and connecting with intuition.

  1. I am very gentle and patient with myself. 
  2. I am grateful for being me. 
  3. Today and every day, I decide to believe and trust myself. 
  4. I am prepared to take care of myself. 
  5. I understand the importance of taking care of myself. 
  6. From now on, I am going to prioritize my emotional well-being. 
  7. I only allow good things to enter my mind. 
  8. I love every part of myself. 
  9. I trust that I am making progress every day. 
  10. I allow my mind to be comfortable and trust the process. 
  11. With every Breath, my mind accepts my body more and more. 
  12. I am ready to love and accept myself as I am. 
  13. I am ready to flow with the energy of life. 
  14. I trust my higher self and my intuition to always guide me. 
  15. I wake up every day knowing that I can accomplish everything I need to do. 
  16. I am capable of doing everything easily. 
  17. I have control over my thoughts and mind. 
  18. I can determine what kind of thoughts I am feeding to my mind. 
  19. I can choose to be productive according to my energy flow. 
  20. I am ready to trust my intuition and act on its guidance. 
  21. I am learning how to listen to my intuition.
  22. I can trust my inner guidance and intuition because I can hear it aloud.
  23. My intuition speaks to me very loudly. 
  24. I am choosing to believe in my beauty. 
  25. Today I am ready to see the good in myself.
  26. I am ready to accept all the good qualities in myself. 
  27. I allow myself to see all the possibilities for improvement in me. 
  28. I am ready to invest and improve myself as I trust and believe in myself. 
  29. I am flowing with the life energy without any rush.
  30. I trust myself to make perfectly good decisions for my personal and professional life.
  31. I am inviting balance and happiness into my life.

You can also use these affirmations in the form of subliminal because they can be more effective compared to affirmations for many people. You can read Subliminals And Affirmations – Are They Truly Magical? to understand which one will be more suitable for you.

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