effortless productivity

3 Secret Of Effortless Productivity

What are the secrets to effortless productivity and staying happy at all times? The story I am about to share with you is going to change your whole perspective about staying productive and still Being Happy and content.

effortless productivity

A few days ago I was watching Andrew Kirby’s video on effortless productivity because who doesn’t want to be more productive and do better than they are doing right now. And I’m one of those people who set their mind to a goal and if they don’t meet their goal of productivity they will start to feel guilty as if they have done something wrong. And that video changed how I see productivity.

So what is the secret of effortless productivity?

So, in the video Andrew Kirby was telling the story of Alan Watts (a philosopher). And this story was about how Alan Watts was walking through a forest where a dandelion was floating around with the wind. And he picked the one Dandelion flower in his hands.

And interestingly enough, the philosopher noticed that the petals of the dandelion flower seemed like were trying to escape from his hands. But the flower was not using its effort instead the dandelion flower was using the power of the wind to escape the grip.

And because it’s a flower and it can’t really move to places on its own. So the petals of the Dandelion flower were using the force of air to escape the hands of the philosopher.

And this short story of dandelion wonderfully explains how effortlessly things can get done if we work with the natural flow of energy in alignment with our nature.

If the dandelion petals were to be heavier than the wind, this wouldn’t have worked. As much as it is important to take action effortlessly in accordance with the natural flow, it is also important to understand and know your nature and your true self.

Productivity and taking action shouldn’t feel difficult and it’s if it feels difficult you need to spend more time understanding your nature and the actions you are taking. Action is meant to feel effortless and inflow with nature and the natural course of the universe.

But the question is how can you implement that practically without getting lost in the web of no actions at all while figuring out how to make actions feel effortless and in flow with nature.

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Effortless productivity action key points to remember

To answer that question I am going to highlight the key points that can help you to get in line with effortless productivity and action. The more you will think about these key points the more you will be able to implement the effortless productivity in your life.

  1. Forget about all the self-help guides you have ever studied on the subject of increasing productivity that tells you to force productivity in the name of self-discipline. Self-discipline and forced actions have nothing to do with each other.
  2. Focus on understanding yourself. When you understand yourself, you also learn how your natural energy flow works. Whether you feel more productive and energized during the day or if you enjoy working at night better. This just doesn’t end at the time you feel the most energetic and natural flow of productivity.
  3. Find enjoyable alternatives to whatever you do. If you wanted to know the secret of effortless productivity with the intent to become more productive at work then switching your career or business for the sake of productivity might seem like a big mistake. But here we are talking about finding enjoyable alternatives to the things you are already doing.

Eventually, you will find what works best for you, and then taking action and being productive will actually feel as effortless as breathing.

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