21 Easy Positive Affirmations Before Bed – Manifest In Your Sleep

Doing affirmations before bed every day changes you and it is so powerful because your mind reaches theta state as you are about to fall asleep. You can either do other positive affirmations or you can do these positive affirmations before bed if you want to manifest all your desires while you sleep.

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List Of 21 Affirmations Before Bed

These affirmations to say before bed includes affirmations that will allow you to manifest faster by helping you to connect your conscious desires with the subconscious mind faster.

  1. I am ready to relax and get the best and most rejuvenating, life-changing greatest night’s sleep
  2. I am allowing my conscious and subconscious minds to connect and focus on my heart’s desire completely
  3. I am ready to live my heart’s deepest and strongest desires
  4. I am allowing my subconscious mind to connect with the power source within me
  5. I am ready to send my desires into the universe as I am extremely relaxed and falling asleep
  6. I am always manifesting my desires in the reality even during my sleep
  7. As I am falling asleep thinking about my desires and goals I am also letting my subconscious know that they are all within my reach
  8. I know, understand, and believe in the power of the subconscious mind to achieve wonderful things
  9. I am falling asleep believing in my ability to become and achieve anything I desire
  10. I am always manifesting my goals and desires in my sleep as my subconscious mind is becoming one with my conscious desires
  11. I can easily manifest anything and everything I consciously choose to achieve in my life
  12. I am one with the power of the universe therefore I am unstoppable 
  13. I am always connected to my subconscious mind as I am falling asleep 
  14. I can always easily send my conscious desires to my powerful subconscious mind when I am sleeping
  15. Sleep is a window for my conscious desires to connect with my powerful subconscious mind
  16. I can easily use my sleep window to get guidance and power from my subconscious mind
  17. My conscious and subconscious becomes one in my sleep and all my desires come to reality when I wake up
  18. I am manifesting my desires and achieving my goals faster than ever
  19. I am ready to bring all my desires into my reality
  20. All my desires and goals are clear and focused because I am one with my subconscious mind 
  21. I am permanently bringing positive and great changes into my life every day when I wake up after a refreshing night’s sleep

I hope you enjoyed reading these positive affirmations before bed but just don’t go yet even if you are feeling extremely sleepy. I have something really good for you.

How To Use Affirmations Before Sleep?

The tricky part about using affirmations before sleep is that you might fall asleep without completing all your affirmations. So there are two best ways to use positive affirmations before bed.

  • Record the affirmations: You can record the affirmations or you can ask someone to record the affirmations for you. Because if you are like me then listening to your own voice right before bed is not going to be an ideal experience.
  • Use the affirmations as subliminal: It’s actually quite easy to make subliminal if you already have affirmations ready. You can learn How To Make Subliminals? 5 Easy Steps To Make Powerful Subliminals. Listening to these affirmations before bed in the form of subliminal is going to be a much more pleasing sleep experience.

If you don’t want to make your own subliminal then you can also use this Sleep Manifestation Subliminal Booster formulated with the exact 21 affirmations before bed you’ve just read. This subliminal is published on YouTube channel, so you can easily visit the channel and add this subliminal to your subliminal playlist.

Watch this video on YouTube.

How To Use Sleep Subliminal Booster?

You can listen to this booster once right before using your other sleep subliminal. It will help you get the most out of your sleep subliminal playlist.

Or if you don’t have any subliminal that you’d like to listen to while you sleep then you can also just listen to the sleep manifestation subliminal booster to help you manifest all your desires faster.

And if you choose to listen to just the booster then I recommend you follow this sleep manifestation routine: 4 Step Best Night Routine For Sleep Manifestation You Must Try

You can either download this on YouTube or also as an mp3 but if you wish to experience the best audio quality then it’s recommended to use it on YouTube without downloading and in higher quality settings.

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