10 Best Life Mantras & 20 Quotes For Students Motivation

quotes for students motivation

Students go through a lot and it gets hard to stay motivated so Loa Lab is creating a list of mantras and best quotes for students motivation. Even though the best motivation is the one that comes from within, sometimes we all need some external sources of motivation to keep going.

Before we move on to the list of quotes for students motivation I’d like to let you know that the mantras mentioned here are powerful one sentence statements to set the fierce vibe for your study sessions. But first we will squeeze in some motivation and understand the purpose of those quotes for students motivation.

If you enjoy listening music then you can also try this study subliminal to help you focus and enhance your study and retaining abilities. All the affirmations used in the study subliminal can also be used as usual affirmations.

20 quotes for students motivation

Before you move forward to read all the 20 quotes for students motivation let me tell you that these will help you feel motivated to study and become a go-getter for your goals but the motivation might not last. Motivation is anyways not meant to last for so long, that is why it’s important for you to focus on your inner strength. Because that inner strength is going to stay with you as long as you are alive. Now let’s read and understand the quotes for students motivation.

It’s about understanding and being able to see the depth of every action you are taking every hour of the day is leading you somewhere, a place in the future. And you’ll either love it or regret every moment you spent wasting in the past.

I hope that you are finding the quotes for students motivation inspiring and thought provoking. You might feel that right now you have all the time you need, but before we all know it starts to slip away from our hands. That is why it is so important to not spread ourselves thin. And use the time wisely on the things that are actually really important.

So what are you thinking about? choosing the pain today or postponing it for tomorrow? one thing I am learning after curating these quotes for students motivation list is, we all choose our pains and sacrifices and these things are there so that we can learn to enjoy the success we get without taking it for granted.

The process of learning is never gonna end, and the fun thing about the process of learning is, it makes us more powerful in unimaginable ways. And Loa Lab hopes that you’ll not leave without learning after reading all these quotes for students motivation today.

All these quotes for students motivation actually can also be equally motivating for everyone working towards achieving their goals. Even I am feeling inspired and motivated to stay consistent and disciplined and become unstoppable.

How To Make The Motivation Last?

As I said earlier that motivation is not meant to last but inner strength and inspiration can last forever. And to achieve your goals you don’t need to spend 90% of your time studying, what matter is the way you focus and the way you retain all the information. And that is possible when you believe you can easily return all the information.

Affirmations and Subliminals can also help you more than just reading quotes for students motivation. And apart from that, always having some life Mantra at the tip of your tongue can also help you stay motivated and inspired to move forward in life. And whenever you feel like you are feeling down or pressured, you can step back a little to focus on feeling better and be inspired again before you get back to study.

Once we get through the life Mantra you can use on a daily basis, we also have here some tips for you to manage your inspirational flow. So that you can maintain your state of inspiration and motivation all the time every day. The consistent flow of inspiration and motivation can help us as students to stay focused and also maintain the discipline without feeling burned out and exhausted.

what are mantras and how they are different from affirmations

Mantras are words and sounds specifically made to trigger fierce focus, inspiration and the feeling of safety, peace and power. Even though some people use the terms mantra and affirmations interchangeably, they are not the same.

Every affirmation cannot be considered as a mantra because of the characteristics of a mantra. Only affirmations which have a rhythmic tone to it when repeated and triggers an instant powerful emotional response can be considered as mantra. Where affirmation can be any positive statement.

Also, life mantras can contain words like not, never, don’t etc because their main goal is to trigger emotions. But the goal of affirmation is to get into the subconscious mind to reprogram beliefs, that’s why it’s not recommended to use words such as no, don’t, not, never etc. for affirmations.

10 Life Mantras For Students

Now that’ we have covered quotes for students motivation, it’s time to get to life mantras.

  1. It’s never too late to start
  2. Discipline is the permanent inspiration
  3. Anybody can move mountains if they decide to
  4. Every action triggers a chain of reactions so nothing is going waste
  5. I am choosing to make this moment right
  6. Doesn’t matter what anybody says I know my truth
  7. I believe in myself no matter what
  8. Nothing holds power over me
  9. No matter what I am gonna ace everything I do
  10. Calm is everything, and I can make everything possible if I am calm

And there you go, all the life mantras you can adopt as student and the quotes for students motivation. But wait we also have some tips which can help you keep your inspiration flowing so that you don’t always have to look for quotes for students motivation.

how to always stay motivated

Well as we all know that just reading quotes for students motivation is not going to help you always stay motivated even if they are always available when needed. So here are few tips that can help you how to always stay motivated to study.

  • Set a reward system for your study goals, this doesn’t mean rewarding yourself with a 3 hour break after a 10 minute study session. Jokes aside, rewarding and celebrating goals can give you something to look forward to.
  • Build a habit of showing up, show up for your goals every single day. That way you’ll be able to build momentum, and get into the habit of showing up. For example, if you hate math still show up and try solving 1 problem, understanding 1 formula, every day even if you get it wrong.
  • Have a long term vision but give yourself directional short term study goals. Overwhelming yourself is the last thing you would wanna do. Even if you don’t know the direction of your life yet, know that whatever you are studying right now is an abundance of information that is gonna help you grow and help your mind become more creative.
  • Use interactive focus apps.
  • Understand yourself before making a timetable, this is very critical. Because some people do better with a specific time table and some don’t. Some do better with focusing for longer hours at once and some people perform better when they take breaks.

And lastly,

If you are feeling inspired after reading quotes for students motivation and all the mantras and tips then this was all worth reading. And pending time on the things that help is not time wasted, so don’t feel guilty when you find yourself reading something interesting or helpful. Instead get back to your study as soon as you feel ready. And I am closing this blog post with hopes that after reading all these quotes for students motivation we will continue stay motivated to learn and progress in life.

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