Discover the 10 best beauty subliminals ever created by LOA Lab. By using the science of subliminal and affirmations, these subliminals can help you achieve your beauty goals and improve your overall well-being. Each subliminal is carefully crafted with powerful affirmations that promote a positive self-image, boost self-confidence, and encourage a healthier lifestyle along with mental well-being. We all know how many subliminal makers put people at risk by making underground subliminals but you can always be sure to get lasting positive results from Loa Lab subliminals. Unlock your inner beauty and radiance by exploring the benefits, creativity, and energy put into making these potent beauty subliminals.

All the power of beauty subliminals lies in the benefits, creativity, energy put into the beauty subliminal while making it makes it potent.

List Of 10 Best Beauty Subliminals From Loa Lab

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1. Dreamy Beauty Subliminal

The “Dreamy Beauty Subliminal” is a must-try for anyone looking to enhance their sense of inner beauty and magic. The subliminal is packed with powerful affirmations that boost confidence, self-esteem, and attract positivity into your life. Listening to this beauty subliminal can help you embrace and appreciate your unique and enchanting appearance, radiate an enchanting and magical energy, and cultivate a youthful, energetic, and innocent aura. It can also help you bring a sense of wonder and enchantment to any room or situation.

Other benefits of this beauty subliminal include enhancing your natural beauty and radiance, improving overall well-being and mood, and increasing gratitude and joyfulness. By empowering and strengthening your inner light, this beauty subliminal can help you mesmerize others with captivating eyes and voice, and reflect your divine and mystical nature. Visualizing and focusing on the enchanting feeling recommended while listening to the subliminal can make the affirmations even more effective. Experience the incredible affirmations in this subliminal for yourself and see the magic happen.

Affirmations: 77 Dreamy Beauty Affirmations: Embrace Your Inne

2. Rose Subliminal

This rose subliminal video is beyond beauty! It is designed to give you the qualities of the resilient, mesmerizing, and magical rose. Just like the rose, this beauty subliminal can boost your confidence, strength, and resilience, and provide a sense of gratitude and appreciation for life’s simple joys. It can also enhance positivity, promote inner peace, encourage forgiveness, and inspire growth and creativity.

Through connecting with the beauty of nature and roses, this beauty subliminal can help you align with your true purpose in life and foster a sense of abundance and prosperity. Embrace your individuality and blossom into your full potential with the help of this rose beauty subliminal.

Affirmations: 51 Rose Affirmations: Undying Renewal And Beauty

3. Dark Feminine Subliminal

The “Dark Feminine Subliminal” is a subliminal video designed to help individuals embrace their powerful, yet soft, feminine qualities. With 61 affirmations and 47 related benefits, this subliminal aims to help individuals become classy, sensual, magnetic, charming, attractive, and influential.

The benefits of listening to this beauty subliminal include possessing mental and physical strength, embracing one’s unique style with confidence, being in control of one’s own life and destiny, and mastering the art of seduction. The affirmations used in the subliminal can be found on the provided link. This video is perfect for those interested in beauty subliminals and seeking to embrace their inner goddess.

Affirmations: 61 Dark Feminine Affirmations: Powerful, Sensual, And Classy

4. Moon Goddess Subliminal

The Moon Goddess Subliminal is a powerful audio designed to help you enhance your beauty and radiate a captivating aura inspired by the moon goddess. With 200 subliminal affirmations, you can manifest a blissful aura full of healing energy, skin that is hydrated, soft, and glowing, and beauty that is desired and enchanting like the full moon.

You can also expect a captivating aura that is mysterious and alluring, making you extremely photogenic. The affirmations also include divine feminine energy affirmations that help you step into the Moon Goddess Energy. Embody dreamy aura, radiate an ethereal glow, and attain eternal youthfulness with this enchanting subliminal.

Affirmations: 200 Moon Goddess Affirmations: Alluring Mysterious Beauty & Captivating Aura

5. Goddess Chandraghanta Subliminal

The Chandraghanta Subliminal is a powerful audio designed to connect you with the grace and charm of the 3rd Goddess out of Nav Durga. By embodying her divine beauty and elegance, you can enhance your natural charm and attraction. This beauty subliminal contains 18 powerful affirmations, intentionally crafted to tap into the power of the number 9. For best results, you can also listen to all 9 Goddess subliminals on YouTube and watch as your life unfolds with abundance, prosperity, love, and harmony.

The affirmations include enhancing your natural beauty and charm, radiating a peaceful and harmonious aura, experiencing love and adoration, and feeling confident and self-assured. I am yet to update the 9 goddess affirmations and write about them in detail but when I do I’ll surely update it here.

6. Goddess Gauri Subliminal

The “Goddess Gauri Subliminal” is a part of the 9 goddesses subliminal series, designed to enhance your beauty and radiate a peaceful and calm aura. Maha Gauri, the goddess of beauty, peace, and calm, is the inspiration behind this subliminal.

With 18 powerful affirmations, you can expect to embody the endurance and wisdom of the goddess, attract love and harmony, feel peace and tranquility, and radiate positivity. You will also manifest the goddess’s bright white complexion and a life filled with love, joy, and abundance. Let the power of Maha Gauri’s purity and austerity guide you towards a more beautiful and peaceful life.

7. Beauty With Brains Subliminal

The “Beauty and Brains Subliminal” video is designed to help you enhance your beauty, positivity, and intelligence with a total of 256 affirmations. The subliminal is divided into three categories, focusing on the benefits of beauty, body positivity, and intelligence. The affirmations include enhancing your beauty, such as having glowing clear skin, alluring and enticing aura, divinely gorgeous hair, and more. It also helps you improve your body positivity and self-concept with affirmations that promote a positive body image, acceptance of your quirks, and care for yourself.

Additionally, it helps to improve your intelligence with affirmations that encourage learning new things, better wit and humor, fast comprehension and retention, and recalling everything with details. You can read the affirmations before listening to the subliminal or as you are listening to help you emotionally feel them, which will help the subliminal work faster.

Details: How To Get The Best Out Of Beauty With Brains Subliminal

8. Hourglass Body Subliminal

The Hourglass Body Subliminal is designed to help you manifest a healthy, curvy hourglass body through subliminal affirmations that promote self-love and acceptance. These affirmations aim to help you reach your ideal weight goal, motivate you to eat healthily and work out regularly, and appreciate your progress.

This is a beauty subliminal that requires consistency and effort, but you can expect to see amazing results if you stick to it and combine it with some hourglass body workouts. The subliminal affirmations include benefits such as a curvier and hourglass-like body through self-love, body positive self-talk, healthy habits, and acceptance and appreciation of your body shape. With these affirmations, you can learn to love your body and achieve your ideal hourglass figure.

Affirmations: 51 Powerful Hourglass Body Affirmations

9. Fountain Of Youth Subliminal

The “Fountain Of Youth Subliminal” is a powerful beauty subliminal that uses positive and potent subliminal affirmations to help you stay young and beautiful. The subliminal includes suggestions for naturally producing collagen and elastin, preventing wrinkles, dry skin, premature greying of hair, and achieving smooth, supple, and glowing skin.

It also includes affirmations for rapid cell renewal, great bone density and health, and always feeling energetic and inspired. The subliminal even suggests the production of natural DHEA and Brain Endogenous Opiates, as well as alpha-lipoic acid and glutathione, to keep you feeling youthful and full of energy. However, it is important to use the beauty subliminal with caution and not overuse it. For best results, listen to it on loop for 15 minutes a day for 30 days.

Affirmations: 80 Reverse Aging+ Astonishingly Forever Young Subliminal Affirmations

10. Most Beautiful Version Of You Subliminal

The “Most Beautiful Version Of You Subliminal” is an ultimate beauty subliminal that includes a list of potent subliminal affirmations to help you manifest your most beautiful self. The subliminal affirmations focus on a wide range of benefits, including feeling successful, grateful, gorgeous, ethereal, cute, and confident.

You can also expect to see improvements in your skin’s appearance, with it looking fresh and smooth, as well as experiencing an angelic energy and having beautiful eyes. This subliminal is perfect for those looking to radiate beauty both in-camera and in-person.

Affirmations: Affirmations To Become Best Version of YOU | Ultimate Beauty & Feminine Glow Up

Bonus Subliminal: Body Positivity

The Body Positivity Subliminal is very potent for improving self-image, body positivity, and relationships with food. This subliminal includes positive suggestions for increasing love for your body, developing a healthy relationship with food, and building a confident personality. It’s designed to be helpful for anyone struggling with body dysmorphia or trying their best to love themselves.

The affirmations encourage positive thoughts about looks and body, acceptance of quirks, and being unapologetically yourself all the time. The subliminal aims to help listeners take charge of their mind, thoughts, and feelings and to appreciate and admire themselves.

Affirmations: 60 Effective Body Positivity Affirmations With Self-Image, Body Image Affirmations


Beauty subliminals can be a very potent option for boosting self-confidence and enhance one’s physical appearance. The subliminal messages work on the subconscious level, helping to reprogram negative beliefs and promoting positive self-imageEffectiveness of Subliminal Messages and Their Influence on People’s Choices The 10 beauty subliminals mentioned in this article cover a wide range of benefits, including weight loss, youthful appearance, improved skin, increased self-love, and a positive body image. By incorporating these subliminals into daily routine, you can experience lasting results and improve overall well-being.

It’s important to remember that these subliminals should be used with caution and not relied upon solely for physical transformation. Along with subliminals, a healthy lifestyle and positive mindset are essential for achieving and maintaining a beautiful and confident self.


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